Glacier tanks

2-6x36” fully closed jacket with 2x 1/2” female pipe fittings
4-6x36” open top jacket with a 1/2” female pipe fitting at the bottom of the jacket

Offering spools at half the price of glacier tank pricing. Pricing flexible if buying bulk

Located in southern Oregon

Estimated lead time: 3

Willing to ship

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im in southern oregon. what do you want for the full jacketed 6x36?

I have 4 of the 6x36 open jackets I’d let go for $400 a piece or $350 a piece for all 4.
And these are brand new never Used
Feel free to call or text. 5417616248

The pictures you posted here show usa labs on the 6x36 spools with open jackets. In which case, $400 would be full price. Not to mention I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to get a 10-15% discount. Hit the way back machine for the spools on Glacier tanks and they were on sale for $331.23 a little over two years ago.
Long story short.
You have quite the collection, which is impressive. And I understand that these are new, but I’d suggest lowering your prices If you’re serious about wanting to move things when the market is at a bottom. Cheers and happy selling.


Good catch. Most all my triclamp inventory is glacier tanks. And I have so much tri clamp inventory to go through its somewhat overwhelming.
Okay so I looked of 6x36” jacketed columns from usa labs and they are showing $469. In this case I’d offer all 4 of my columns for $1000

Fully jacketed columns are sold. I only have 6x36” jacketed columns with the open top. Are you interested in those?