Spontaneous isolation Strain and Solution Dependent

Ive been making what I call “the white” just as a spontaneous product of hand blasting since around 2013. Thought for a while it was dewax as it is made in a similar fashion and can be greater or less yield or not possible to make with certain strains, up to maybe 50-60% of the mass of crude oil turned into powder isolate. Also it seems that a certain brand of butane works better than the rest and some won’t work at all, never had any luck with pure n-tane.

Now the isolate usually starts forming immediately as a bunch of snow clouding up the solution, and after all oil is dissolved gets poured into a large thin 5L glass tray for usually at least 2-4 hours to allow the white layer to harden on the bottom and grow, usually if have don’t wait 4 hours some of the white will pour out as well.

Now this solution (probably 70-80% iso/n amd 20-30 propane) seems to crash best just below 1 can pure oz level which is significantly more than what the otss tek calls for…which is from what I can tell more like 1 can every 2-3 ozs, 3 cans (1 pound) every 8 ozs oil but I am just getting started on that.

But the benefit of this crashing as it seems to collect most of the recoverable isolate immediately within 1-4 hours pulling 50%+ percent, but it can take another butane/propane wash to make it more clear…and all these idiots spending months to turn the isolate into clear diamonds…ever heard of a heat gun lmao…

Lately switched to running full propane run and collecting before doing a butane run to get the left behind 20% and have had a hard time making it as I believe it’s separating the parts that need to interact, But I think for the most part this will work with most things especially if a good amount of powder is left on the glass from the previous run. Never had any success with metal as it doesn’t bond and slides off too easy, with glass you can get a full quarter inch to half inch thick wafer sheet that’s hard to get out in one piece usually biggest pieces are 4x4…hit it with the heat gun and it turns to clear diamonds/shatter that is fully purged and can easily be broken up…no pentane or pressure chamber necessary.

Plus if you take the powder out let it try then scrape it up it’s mostly powder and purges super quick especially with a vacuum oven…


Do you have a procedure for said nuculation?


This is 12 ozs of I’d say 90-95% delicious tasting full spectrum sour diesel isolate that came off of 20 ozs of dry shatter, got 60% thca isolation in just 4 or less hours…

Really high quality nug run will sometimes separate before the closed loop run is done or strains with high thca like Cinderella99 was the first strain that put it out like crazy.

Wash again, purge the powder, heat gun and you got some water clear diamonds, but notice how nice and powdery thrle isolate is so nice and clean to dab, almost like dabbing snow with a slight taste of whatever terms you left behind…where as most of the time you don’t want to dab diamonds unless you like the taste of splenda.

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Basically take some white99 trim or flowrr and open blast it using Newport into a several liter glass tray, let it sit in a cooler or the ground for a couple hours until forms a layer of sand at the bottom of the sheet,then usually let it sit for at least 4 hours total to finish precipitating and so it can harden. Gently pour off terps as much as possible and let the tray sit out usually for a good day to harden with scrape it up and put into a vacuum chamber to purge the powder, I usually just leave it for a few hours, then you can wash it again in a similar fashion or heat gun it into clear shatter, Colorado clear as it was sometimes called lol but that could mean alot of things I would imagine…


But basically moral of the story if you can get most of the isolate to precipitate all you need to do is seperate it and you can easily turn the white powder or Crystal clear with a heat gun which you really want to do to make sure it’s purged.

This isolate powder you could leave on the counter for a week come back and it would be 0 ppm, it’s definitely the better tasting isolate and is so easy relative to the other methods.


Plus if you want 99% isolate just wait for the isolate wafer tray to finish drying and hardening (or not) and dump a couple pounds of solvent to wash up most of the remainder of the terpenes.

Process is very similar to single solvent dewaxing which is nice not having to resort to other solvents.

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is this correct?

  1. blast high quality material into tray
    2)cool pyrex pan with dry ice and allow precipitation for 4 hours plus

Now my question is how much of the butaine from the initial extraction do you have left before cold crashing the tray?
Can you make a step by step list?

are you reffering to washing crystals with buitane here?



1.to start obtain high quality flower or trim (sativa seem to work better, something high thca probably ideal) cinderella99, white99, killer queen all our putting off isolate before they can even purge.

  1. Dump a fair amount of solvent through a hand blaster (or closed loop), put it out on a 3-5 L tray to purge when it has about 1 can Newport (5-6 oz) per oz of oil. So if you expect to get 3 ozs purged you want just above 3 cans to start, but i would use 4 to compensate for solvent/heat loss if your going from a already purged concentrate.

  2. Let it sit on cold concrete floor or cooler ( I sometimes would use dry ice to try to speed up precipitation and hardening or to encourage a batch that’s having trouble but you don’t want it to get too cold or else oils will be pulled into your isolate contaminating it which would be evident as sap stuck to the isolate. I find Newport naturally has about a 0 F temp when sitting like this, but this is always easier in the winter and in the summer sometimes have to resort to dry ice.

  3. Then watch it for a couple hours and after two hours most of the precipitation should be finished as a layer of snow at the bottom, but you usually want to wait another 2 or so hours to let it harden so it stays together as a water when you dump the remaining solvent out.

Now there is debate if it helps to hit with a warm water bath first to help get down to the desired level or isolate. Ive had batches that looked like they weren’t going to put out anything until they hit this 100-200 degree bath then snow was shooting up everywhere. Also it maybe that if you do a hardcore dewax this may be harder to achieve, but I am not sure just a theory.

Plus once you have a nice amount of isolate left over in your 5L trays you will be able to get a good yield of isolate from most things, and it seems to work for 1:1 thc cbd.

Also I have had this layer form before the closed loop is done (usually when the water is removed for the last 20 minutes so the collection pot is just sitting on cold bricks) so I would pull it early and put in another tray to try to let more of it crash but I feel the pressure in the closed loop prevents a good crash and its best done in open air (5000 ft elevation).

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A good explanation is I think this old Brett Maverick video that teaches about Buchner funnels and single solvent dewaxing…

On a side note Ive once made the entire volume of the buchner funnel turn into mostly white powder in like 30 minutes because the filter was clogged on a cold day lol always wanted to figure out and try to replicate what made it go so crazy but the tray tek is the closest ive come.

But I do remember that it was common to have a layer of white powder isolate form on top of the filter of the buchner frequently which is a similar situation to this tek…