Spent hydrocarbon processed biomass. any value?

hey. just wanted to get a feel for what butane blasters are doing with their spent material? does anyone want to take it off your hands? if not whats you favorite method of disposal for my regulated guys?

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If you have Small cbd nugs that are blasted kleen and have good looks
I am buying


How about ethanol extracted nugs that still have about 2% CBD and 0.11% THC?

Dm you

The owners name is Kevin he buys spent biomass that is ground and 3% or less moisture. They turn it into hemp plastic polymer for injection mold machines


Not a butane extractor but have a lot of clients that have purchased post extraction ethanol extracted hemp biomass for use as a soil amendment or compostable for either compost or bokashi. Not worth a whole lot - I’m getting $10 per supersack for it - but it beats the hell out of paying a garbage service to take it away and bury it in a landfill, and from the feedback I’ve gotten it’s made everyone’s garden grow healthier. Colorado soil kinda sucks tbh.


Is the hydrocarbon material less usable? I keep seeing ethanol references for useful spent biomass

I suspect it’s a bit of selection bias, ethanol scales larger more economically, I’ve never seen a hydrocarbon lab advertising 10k+ lbs/day capacity. Abiding by the letter of the law will limit your max solvent allowed on site / in process and thus, your max daily capacity. I don’t have hard data but suspect the number of legal ethanol extraction labs dwarfs the amount of hydrocarbon labs, in both raw quantity and total spent material output

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That and ethanol extracts more out of the product which is a good thing for distillate and isolate but a bad thing for immediately consumable product. Technically with enough heat/chilling/recovery as long as I’m recovering the amount of butane I use I have an infinite amount of butane. You can store 500 lbs of butane at a time which is plenty enough to run even the largest of systems.

I mean, with the right design one could do the same with ethanol, especially if one was limited on the “in process” MAQ for ethanol. I’ll go back to the “economical” aspect though, enormously powerful chillers cost a lot more capital upfront and take considerably more energy to run if you have to get your solvent recondensed & chilled back down to extractable temps in a dramatically shorter timeframe.

I don’t know how butane vs ethanol compare here, how much does a butane system lose in each run? Centrifuge drying should be leaving less than 5% ethanol by weight in the output biomass, not sure how much screw presses leave behind.

i can attest to the healthier plants when using spent biomass as mulch and compost. Weve had an avocado tree in our front yard for 10+ years. I put 100lbs of spent biomass arouns the trunk and let it decompose. The tree grew atleast 50% bigger than the previous years


@Thetetraguy we had composted a bunch before we had a system in place to collect and rebag spent biomass, I uploaded a pic to my ig of a very healthy female hemp plant growing out of the compost pile, would have thought between -40c temps and 190 proof ethanol it would have sterilized any seeds for sure, plant got to be almost 5 ft tall without any watering, and compost pile was on top of crappy gravel that wasn’t supporting much in the way of plant life


Forget composting if you can get paid for it to be taken away and turned into biodegradable compostable plastic


I’ve had a few people buy spent trim off me. 2 were HUGE scale ethanol extractors for distillate, haha and found out one guy was making prerolls and shipping them elsewhere…sooo shady. Just one more reason to never smoke a pre roll


Yeah that was and is still going on. I’m not sure of Hempette was or not but I was confused how the pack of henp cigs they had contained 20 cigs. Yet whole pack was 200mg and I thought normally a tobacco cig has close to a gran in it

are you willing to share the buyers for the post extraction ethanol extracted hemp biomass? thanks!

I’ve got a bunch of small-time buyers networked via Craigslist and FB marketplace, not sure if they would appreciate me sharing their contact info

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Rebooting this topic for Croptober - we have 120+lbs/day of hydrocarbon extracted fresh frozen biomass - has residual butane in even after a day in the booth post extraction.

HOW are regulated legal hydrocarbon labs getting rid of it all???

Depends on your state. In ok we are allowed to make it unusable and take it to the dump. We can also compost it. Or pay a service.
They are pretty cheap


wow that’s an impressive output. What group are you with @Northern?

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