Spent biomass pickup


Does anyone have any resources on companies that will pick up spent biomass? Los Angeles/ So Cal area. Please email me at Edreyeslive@yahoo.com. Thanks


your geolocation will probably make for more relevant responses…

@Champone? (I’m starting to accumulate spent biomass too…)


How much do you have? I most likely can pickup late next week


Anyone doing this in NorCal got lots for you lol


Whatever you do with it. Someone in Arizona could make a killing. The state has the worst enforcement on what how we get rid of it


Newb question. What can be done with spent biomass?


I would ask this guy, he’ll even pay for it!:


Can you email me? Edreyeslive@yahoo.com


What town?


Nevada county


Nevada county


pro answer: future4200.com/search?q=spent+biomass :wink:

my current fav being: What Jobs Make The Most Within The Cannabis Industry?