Spent biomass pickup

Does anyone have any resources on companies that will pick up spent biomass? Los Angeles/ So Cal area. Please email me at Edreyeslive@yahoo.com. Thanks

your geolocation will probably make for more relevant responses…

@Champone? (I’m starting to accumulate spent biomass too…)

How much do you have? I most likely can pickup late next week

Anyone doing this in NorCal got lots for you lol

Whatever you do with it. Someone in Arizona could make a killing. The state has the worst enforcement on what how we get rid of it

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Newb question. What can be done with spent biomass?

I would ask this guy, he’ll even pay for it!:

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Can you email me? Edreyeslive@yahoo.com

What town?

Nevada county

Nevada county

pro answer: Search results for 'spent biomass' - Future4200 :wink:

my current fav being: What Jobs Make The Most Within The Cannabis Industry? - #7 by Future

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Hello, Are you still in need of someone to pick up your spent biomass?

Hello, Are you still in need of someone to pick up your spent biomass? What quantities and location?

We were actually charging $2/lb of spent material. 500lb minimum but the same dude has been buying ours for close to a year

How is he monetizing it?

Looking for a buyer if such a thing exists, have about 40k+ lbs which is increasing on the daily, had a buyer who sent us bags for packaging up the spent material and is now not answering calls or texts. Location east of Denver right off I70

Same in NM. Wild West, baby! :sunglasses: