specs in roto globe

this is the second time iv’e had this issue it only happens when we process fresh frozen flower which we use Ethanol. There are like little specs all over the globe and then the other picture its almost like little pieces of fat that was floating around. They have been filtered and cleaned extracted at -80. Any help?


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I saw that T-5 can help with that? So i guess i have to refilter? If so would i just do a bed of T-5 and filter through and thats that or do i need a bed of silicate or something? Thanks for the quick response

And now they clumped up

See if it dissolves in water, then you know its sugars. Unless your filtering with powders and some got by your filters

We do use powders but its filtered again a couple more times with no powder.

Plus it is the pretty much the same post processing we use for our other products but we use cured flower for those and we don’t see these.

It does dissolve in water, we put our medias on our IR to see if it was any of that it didnt come back a match. Some one here tasted it and its very salty

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