Speaking of ASME - Ironfist Fabrication Buyers Warning

With the ETS thread booming I wanted to put my warning out there for buyers of extraction equipment, like me.

In 2022 I contracted to purchase an Ironfist X40 Extraction system. At this time in Oklahoma I hadn’t even heard of the Liquid Petroleum Gas Board or even met an inspector. In essence, no one was really enforcing LPG rules so I was fairly ignorant to their standards.

I put in my inquiry on Ironfists website where it advertises as ASME stamped. Truthfully, at this time I didn’t know the importance of the ASME stamp. I certainly do now. By the time the machine was installed the rules for Division 8 licenses were beginning to be enforced (not changed, enforced, ASME in OK has always been required), in an effort to get the machine a technical report it was brought to my attention no part of my X40 is ASME stamped.

I immediately called Ironfist to ask why I was sold a non-ASME vessel in a State where they knew ASME was required. Carl, their owner, told me he did not know OK requires ASME. After speaking with many of you, and multiple extractors in-person whom knows Carl, no one really believes that he didn’t know that this was a requirement. He let me know the tank was manufactured in an ASME shop but they didn’t spend the extra $2k to pressure test it to get the stamp, it was really just a cost saving reason from what I have been told.

As a result, I’m stuck with $60k in vessels that I can’t use or sell. Carl offered to sell me an additional ASME set at cost ($30k for both) but after weeks of trying to get an e-mail back, text back, or a phone call, I have pretty much given up trying to seek a remedy with Ironfist.

In the end, it’s my fault for not researching this further before buying their machine. I did rely on their expertise in this field and I won’t be doing that again. Their website said ASME and for some reason I was sold a non-ASME set that cost me $120k, all to save $2k, which I would’ve gladly paid.

Always, ALWAYS make sure that the ASME stamp is on those vessels.


Hit up 3P certification, they can review your system and give that stamp you need.

They’re the ones who were doing my technical report. They can’t give an ASME stamp unfortunately.

Word? That sucks man.

Wow, that sucks. This kinda seems like lawsuit territory, to be quite frank. I would have an attorney look at it, at the very least.


Good heads up.

I hope they make it right. Bad PR day for manufacturers.

Carl is a fucking fence welder and should have been drummed out of this industry years ago.

He makes racks and used to have asme companies make his vessels. He isn’t now nor has ever been a certified vessel shop or worker.

Sue him into oblivion so his “ignorance” doesn’t happen again.



I have been in contact with a WA based lawyer to see what my legal remedies are.

That’s exactly what I learned about Ironfist as well, all he does it put the tanks he orders on wheels and sells em. What bullshit.