SPD: sourcing Good Glassware

Hi everyone, any recommendations (or preferences) on the best glassware & also distillation heads?

Btw, its for a 2L set up (baby steps lol).

find the cheapest glassware you can on Alibaba, then hit up @spdking for a price match (that qualifies as trolling…but only if you don’t make the sale)

hit up @David for knock-offs (yeah, OK, the does too :wink: )

buy from Ace for solidly made US versions without the green tax others are adding.(for the trifecta :rofl: )

read through the dozens of “new to SPD” threads…



Thank you for your help man, much appreciated.

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We have short path sets and we make our glass in house so we can usually offer a good bargain. We have a wide bore 2L setup that is perfect for beginners or pros


I go through TRS glass in Hillsboro, Oregon. Great reliable product, no issues custom blowing a double neck 24/40.


dont forget to ask @spdking for the discount!!! :laughing:

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He’s too green to know you’re trolling lol


Wasn’t trolling OP. :shushing_face:

Those responses do have value to someone trying to figure out their first SPD kit.

I admit there is also a fair amount of work required to make them truly worthwhile.

However, I’d wager that most of that work probably needs to be done to have a successful first run…at least on a tight budget, which I seem to be assuming the OP is on.

I was after a specific someone that ignores all my questions and passes them off as trolling…


Literally dying :joy: