SPD pump specs. Edwards 10iC vs Alcatel 2021i

The technical specs look similar but the Edwards is several times more expensive.

What specs or qualities outside of CFM and final vac am I looking for?

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One is a dry scroll pump and the other is a rotary vane. These are not even in the same category of vacuum pump.


How well it can handle vapor and contamination. Maybe you want a pump that won’t just take a shit mid run.

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I think @Beaker breaks down why we use dual vane rotary pumps over other pumps in this thread


Unless you have some immaculate cold trapping going on, rotary vane is going to be your best friend. The oil absorbs the rogue vapors that inevitably bypass most traps… the Edwards can take a beating!


Thanks everyone! Seems that a DVRP is the way to go.

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