SPD parameters

Can anyone help with some parameters for developing a method for SPD? I’m specifically looking for mantle temps, condenser temps, time intervals, vacuum pressure, and stir bar rpm’s. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Here is the summary of what was in the Summit Research Treasure chest. It was meant for summits mantle and v1 setup.


I’ve come across this before. This seems like a good place to start.



Thank you this was very helpful.

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it’s too bad Summit makes no mention of the actual pressure; their initial setups also didn’t mention vacuum gauges. I just started using a gauge so I’m also trying to find out what pressures others are running at.

I always use this as a reference for boiling points. I’m always told to just go as deep as possible.


Now I have a starting point to go off of.
Much appreciated!

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Thank you for the helpful information.

Hi levitated,

Am I reading this correctly? Does this say D9 is distilling at 17C or lower under deep vacuum? I typically see closer to 157C below .10 mmHg for D9 and 160-180C for CBD at that vacuum level. I’m just wondering if I’m reading this incorrectly.

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I totally hear you, the graph seems wrong. Just even the theoretical BP at atmospheric pressure. I just used it for guidance and understanding from back in the day. Feel free to go onto SkunkPharms and ask some questions about it, as I’ve posted the original article I got it from.

Hard pass on going to SkunkPharm to ask. None of the OG SkunkPharmers are there since PDX gold stole it.


Any input from your perspective on the topic of boiling points?

The charts arent all that helpful because they don’t account for all the variables in the flask that effect said boiling point. They may be accurate if you are boiling 99.9% the, but why would you want to do a thing like that?

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@EloquentSolution and @Pharmer_Joe might well be lurking here…


I wouldnt even give current skunkfarm peeps my dirty ass underwear after what they did to greywolf!!!

He has helped me greatly for yrs before I found this site. I owe a lot to that guy!


What vacuum are you using @lefties.cannabis? Curious as to what 100% vacuum would be…
Thank you for this foundation!

We use an e30. Typically get down to 50 microns or lower on 2nd pass. First pass can be a little higher. Measuring vac is essential to figuring out what is going on.

This is utter bull shit, don’t listen to this whatsoever

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This was old tech on old mantles. When your body is being removed less fluid is mixed at certain rpms. With larger amounts of fluid the pill would suffer and throw itself off at higher rpms when it can’t move the fluid around. You could sustain faster speeds bumping off vapors when the batch is reduced bc less fluid is present to be moved by the pill.

We don’t even do this at all anymore. Well becusee our spinners are coupled through the whole process equally.