Sourcing Kratom, pitfalls, and other tips?

Hey guys, its been awhile since ive been around snooping for some help from the homies. My girlfriend has recently decided on a path to do something with her passion, and wants to start somewhat of a “health, mom, business lifestyle” blog/website/store. Due to some medical issues, shes dealt with a lot of unnecessary pain, etc and found that much like others, kratom has been the only affordable, and effective “Treatment” for the symptoms until something better can be done. And its helped her tremendously, and it motivated her to start contributing to a community of women that may be going through the same things as her. She also has studied massage therapy and one day would love to grow this into a robust business, with a massage spa storefront, with her products, etc. I want to be really supportive of her new endeavor and utilize my skills and experience in bringing products to a retail point, and also my connections to this community whos always helped me and started discussing that part of her new endeavor, is to eventually be able to source, and package her own line of kratom products and eventually other health care produts. I did some digging around on here for past topics of kratom and learned a lot. She prefers “maenga da” strain, for what its worth. Im hoping some you can offer any pointers as far as sourcing bulk, any paperwork that needs to be done to sell kratom, etc. Not even asking to point me to sellers or do all the footwork, but id appreciate some others experiences. I know things like this are easy to get ripped off on or make big mistakes. Shes working on a website and wants to get some of her blogs and journals up little by little. Any one willing to lend any support/tips/knowledge on an endeavor like hers, mainly in the department of sourcing bulk kratom and what to look for, as thats her biggest topic shed like to focus on for her blogs? I would love to see her succeed, and this kind business would really fit in with her lifestyle, and passion. thanks!

If your looking for large bulk try overseas organix, most states don’t have any licenses for kratom currently it’s either banned are good to go. I run the M.D variety for my capsule and bagging line for white lable.

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Not sure on this either, but definitely interested if any knowledgeable people here can chime in.

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I looked into organix. But it seems that’s a very common brand name in this field and not sure if I’m finding the right company. On one hand I would like to be able to source her some good Kratom in bulk at a good price for her personal use because right now she’s buying it from the store. But as we developed her plan and ideas I thought it would be great for her to be able to supply the products that she’s blogging about as well. I have plenty of experience in packaging designing and manufacturing products. But not much knowledge about kratom and how to carefully source it


Science.Bio has a nice going out of business sale right now and 500g Kratom is $25 + another 40% if you spend over $500 with code SAVE2022. Would work out to $24/kg for 15kg which is the cheapest I’ve seen it.

HPLC Result

Thank you for that I’m gonna look into that right away!

I can get you anything you need.
Advice as well, business related or just for personal use.


Will contact you tomorrow! This is mostly personal, with any business aspect being just trying to motivate and help a hard working mama who wants to thrive in something that means a lot to her. But helping her personal health is first. Thanks for reaching out!

They’re in Sweden but very helpful maybe. Email them as they have done what you seeing to be aiming for and they’re great people who put their business and people before profit it’s I am not affiliated with them work for them or have anything to do with them I’m only a customer loyal as I said they put their customers before profit and their quality is the best I’ve had in Europe or Indonesia to be blunt they will deliver botanical crafting ingredient kratom anywhere within the EU or UK for crafting purposes…

Im heading to Thailand/Indonesia soon to find a cheaper source for a client. Trying to send back to the states for less then 7-10$ USD a kilo.


Hi guys!

Steve here from Overseas Organix - at your service. Thank you for your kind words.

Generally, this is how the game works. Kilos of powder are imported from Indo for $5-7 a key for significant tonnage. The important thing is having them stateside, because customs can be a b*. We all know how that works. 99% of Kratom comes from Indonesia FYI.

Kratom is legal to export in Indo, the extracts are not - and are often seized if there aren’t connections over there with the powers that may be. Even seizures of powder happen regularly. My friend just lost a smaller $15,000 extract order from customs last week.

We can provide you with all the powder that you need and especially extracts. Extracts are convenient because it is less bulk and people make drinks, shots, candies, edibles etc. with them. Extracts of Mitragynine have a more ‘clean burn energy’ feel.

All extracts are not equal. In our premier 80%, we use an all organic solvent extraction process and it is very expensive. Everything is food grade. For those who utilize Hexane or Xylene, one can make an extract for 1/2 the price… But we believe in quality > everything.

Kratom isn’t Cannabis. You can’t run CO2 extractions on it, the alkaloids aren’t caught up in drippy, greasy resins. Often, one uses a light acid to fully extract. I can provide more details on the phone if you are curious.

If you’d like to source some powder or extract, feel free to call or text me at any time.

My name is Steve, 772-807-2007 is my cell.

We have White, Red, Green Maeng Da on deck and can do $25 or $20 a kilo all day - depending on volume we can go in high teens per kilo.


45% Mit: $4,500 / kilo down to $3,000 / kilo for 50+ kilos
65% Mit: $6,500 / kilo down to $5,000 / kilo for 50+ kilos
80% Mit: $9,000 / kilo down to (call for pricing about this one…)

80% Liquid Extract:

$1,800 / gallon
$1,600 / 5+ gallons
$1,400 / 10+ gallons
$1,200 / 25+ gallons
$1,000 / 55 / gallon on the 55 gallon drum

Thank you for your time and call me if you have questions about the Kratom world. This is all we do. No cannabis, D8, CBD, HHC or whatnot. Just Kratom.


Also FYI, 99% of Kratom should be considered Borneo, because in Indonesia - it all goes to the processing plants there before export. Different colors are mixed together in different ratios and they give the mixes a different name.

Maeng Da is a mix, just like everything else - not a specific strain. It does tend to be one of higher Mitragynine content ones. We derive our products from Green Maeng Da :).

I hope this can be of help, just wanted to point out that the names are all marketing and basically influenced from the U.S. There is only 1 Kratom plant and much less variation compared to something like Cannabis.

That is quite a good price for such a low volume, no doubt. Usually, below $30 required significant volume.

We can do $25, $20 and even in the high teens for significant volume if you are interested. But in full transparency, if you are getting $24 / kilo for just 15 keys, you are winning like Charlie sheen brah. DM me or call 772-807-2007 if interested. :slight_smile:

Here in Florida, there are places I can pull up and pay $10 / kilo for 1.5%-1.6%+ Mitragynine content, but these are with industry connections and ‘family’ type pricing. In Florida, kratom is like Silicon Valley with technology in the 70’s… It is popping.

I believe South Florida has the highest concentration of Kava bars (which serve Kratom) in the U.S. if I’m not mistaken. They are EVERYWHERE. Pretty cool stuff. Right place, right time.

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So i visited a bunch of new and pre ban kratom farms in south thailand

I went to a extraction site and tried 55%and 85% extract (HCI) it said on the label, idk the the facility is slightly dodge, can post pics, they want 3k 4.5k usd for extract. First stop, another facility tomorrow.

If you go to Indonesia they will do 3-7 usd a kilo but bulk also no extraction, they make something called crumble?

Can post pics if any one interested. The farm shits on facebook called kratom for health, I got tricked into being a white monkey but im on salary so ill play along, its a good gig, Im chillen in bangkok smoking on some american import eating 2 dollar fried foods like boss, also I ate like 3 extracts of kratom, with the dagga I am stoned as a mofo.

You are really living out there Curly :). Yeah the extraction in indo is pretty rudimentary. Lots of stuff is sent off to India for cheap processing.

If they want $3k-$4.5k a kilo for crappy extract - no thank you. Better quality and deals stateside for sure. We sell 45% salt based water soluble for $4,500 down to $3,000 a kilo for volume - and it is the best quality available. So that would not make sense to buy expensive and poorly made Indo stuff.

Feel free to DM me if you want to talk Kratom biz. Enjoy the food man, $2 plates of good stuff? I’m jealous!

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Oh yeah if you need a domestic powder plug for $7.5 a kilo I got you. Literally just got off the phone 30 seconds ago with a big player that said he’s got me on all powder/leaf.

When it is stateside it is worth paying a few more dollars a kilo for sure. You never know when customs wants to seize stuff.


Yeah In Thailand they are actually allowed to extract so there still getting their feet wet the same way cannabis and hemp extraction normally does, like in the states or abroad (its an emerging market here). Ive only seen 2 extractors so far, this was the second one, last one was a Co2 “hemp” extractor with 35%THC approved by the ministry of health lol. Damn you should see the the hectars of fields that got going, 40, 100, 60 he, there were a few farms where i was like damn, am I In cali, and they all say its Thai Stick even though I was seeing phenos so far across the spectrum, looked like a mix of 9lb hammer and a lot of African/Outdoor Strains

The extract from Indonesia Isn’t legal so what ever weird “crumble” they call it from ethonal isnt what I would even call extract yet a useable product. I am heading to Pontaniak/Borneo/West Kalimenten next week. My Job is to leave no kratom farmer unspoken too, so im just following orders and doing what im told on someone elses dime, really can’t complain to much lol.

Honestly you make really good points about buying stateside and quality assured in your hands but I wouldn’t be getting paid if that was my job. I am open to quicker to market options by buying state side, ill let my boss know, but as of now the goal is to get out there and ground pound.

I haven’t even started to get dryed or wet pricing in thialand because the focus is on extract and the pricing/facillities/canning here, but when I was told to source kava kava and kratom 4 months ago Indo was on the list, and Im not going to tell my boss its bad idea to go visit (which I did but he still wants me to go lol). Its alreadly looking like a middle man shit show but if I get half the star treatment that thailand has provided then fuck it, ill verify and due diligence my ass to borneo :slight_smile:

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Will let you know man, thats not bad pricing if its states side, tested, and meets AKA standards. The extract would be the focus but flipping packs is always the side hustle lol. DM details and vice versa, maybe I find you a better plug this side. Who knows how this adventure will end.

Sure just give me a call on WhatsApp, TG, Signal or when you are stateside. Talk soon boss.

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