Source for C-18?

Looking for a steady good source of C18 silica. Other then @Shadownaught (called and they were out), any suggestions on suppliers from our gang out there?

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I’m gonna start keeping a stock pile soon. I should starting in a week have at least 10kg on hand at all times. Just waiting for them to replenish stock. Once I gauge the interest. I’ll stock more.

I know your frustration as a lot of my clients are in the same spot. I’ll try to buy enough to put a little less strain on carbon chemistry. It’s something we have talked about me keeping stock of c18 as it’s getting more popular


I was talking to Dave at USA Labs today about it. I’d like to figure out how it’s made. Finally got a 6x48 glass fritter column that I’m converting to do DCVC with. Just need MORE C-18!!!

That shits more elusive then Bigfoot. Hate going the China route but do you have any experience with any from there?


What particle size do you need/use for your process?

If you approach any real scale then you will lose dramatic amounts of money…which can be remedied.
This type of t-remediation is like using a 500ml boiling flask to make distillate.
That actually may be too generous of an example. If you’re using c-18 it’s like selling green rso as the new thing.

Dcvc — also would be better to do positive pressure with pumps that won’t pulse.

I’m actually going to be doing a slight nitro push with the diaphragm pump to ensure consistent pressure/vac and having a three way air valve to control vac.

Nothing over 60 size

96ffdd27-9d9e-466d-800b-c5f70bed7166.pdf (4.9 MB)

Is c18 the only functionalized sorbent thats useful for THC remediation?

No, but it is the most widely trusted for THC remediation

Send me your last quote. I have c18 typically and the lowest price.

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im always $1500 kg shipped with insurance (as this aint cheap) anywhere in the lower 48! hopefully when i start buying mass quantities like other absorbents i sell we can knock that down a little.


That would be awesome! I think this is going to be my new pleasure. Between putting on the classes and consults, it’s going to be in high demand.

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Do you sell personally or do you have a company you sell through?

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Yes I have a company. C18 is not listed on my website but my company is

You will see me listed under carbon Chemistry distributors. It will be carbon chemistry c18. I just buy several tons of absorbents a month and able to pass that buying power on to my customers. That wasn’t a misprint either. Several metric tons a month.

I dont do that sent me your lowest invoice and ill beat thing either. I post up my lowest price for everyone to see. If someone can beat it…great! But i dont have a list price of $1750 and work down from there trying to milk every penny from the sale. I post a price im happy with the margin and thats it.


C-18 is now available at ChemChix Supply Co. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: