SOP for making CBG Isolate?

Any one have a good SOP for crashing CBG distillate into CBG Isolate ?

It crashes as you distill it

Are you trying to recrys for nice white cbg?


If you want to pay for an sop dm and I’ll get you crashing today with multiple methods to purify your cbg


I’m running my first CBG flower next week using -45 ethonal extraction. Will be using my 50 L short path to distill and I have a CP150 reactor that I currently use for crashing CBD Isolate (pentane solvent) . Just wondering if any one has any knowledge on crashing out CBG Isolate. Do I use the same method as I do for crashing CBD ?

Read a few forums and notice some people using
A 4 to 1 hexane to crash but haven’t seen much info on crashing with pentane.

N-Heptane > Hexane

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Is the because it’s more ideal or safer?

Less toxic, less volatile. Solubility should be relatively comparable I believe they’re both 0.1 on the polarity index.


Different crystal formation too if I’m not mistaken

Though that doesn’t affect you since you’ll likely be chopping it and drying it


Ok I will just go with regular pentane crash sop that I have for CBD. Happy to post results just in case other people are Wanting to skip the trial. Hopefully no errors on my end and that CBG crashes out nice.


CBG is easy to crash out;

3.5:1 Pentane:CBG disty
bring up temp to ~35c just below the BP to achieve super saturation, youll see precipitation right away. then slowly ramp down temps, till you hit -10,-20c then decant off the mothers liqour, and cryo pentane wash the material till you hit paper white.

be sure to keep the mother liquor and try to recrash it, CBG mother liquor is dank imo, its one of my favorite mother liquors by far!!!


Thanks @RockSteady

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are these ratios wt:wt or volume:volume?

Reason I ask is if 3.5:1 Pentane:Disty wt:wt, does not sound supersaturated at all.

Volume:Volume, you start with a higher dilution because the pentane is so volatile, when you bring up to temp you will lose solvent quickly and achieve your supersaturation

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@RockSteady Thank you for clarifying.

What is the best way to obtain a fine, white powder of CBG isolate? Our isolate is very white if broken down into a a small particle size, but the texture makes it prone to clumping.

Is there a particular mill, temperature range, or purge parameters that could aide the texture?

if it’s clumping you are not washing it well enough. don’t pay for an SOP for this.

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Yeah, I took a co-workers clumpy CBG “iso” and just re-crashed it… same procedure as CBD. Washed 4 times. She is white as snow now!