SOP for Harvest right freeze dryer

looking for info
looking for temp i am pretty sure they need to be lower on the freeze dryer?
also what are the time?
Freeze time_____?
Dry time_____?
Final Dry time_____?
and total hrs? some say 20hrs some say 24hrs
this is the only thing i can not find, and i would hate to mess up a batch…


What type of freeze dryer do you have?

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just a Regular stainless steel small one 3 trays, brand new
freeze dryer


What are you trying to accomplish with it?

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sent you a DM…

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Looks like your trying to dry out ice water extract using the harvest right. I don’t know myself, and would love to hear from someone that does.


How did this turn out? Just got a harvest right

how did what turn out?

I lower the dry temp to 70. I don’t adjust anything else.

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When using your freeze dryer what setting do you use for bubble hash? liquid or non liquid and does it makes a difference?

I am also curious as to other peoples experience with this machine. I want to be able to finish batches overnight if that is possible. How long should the freeze function be on for before the sublimation cycle begins?

I have used a harvest right freeze dryer and had the same question when I first tried it to dry out buds for a BHO CLS run. I have found that the default setting is alright for the tray sizes that come with the unit. I had custom deep dish SS trays made so I could fit 2-3x more material at once and found I had to extend the time to about 150% of the default to get a consistent dry result. BTW, this is a great machine for catching terps (hydrosol) as “waste product”.
As for times, usually my extra loaded runs would last 18-24 hours total run time. So long as you are below 160degrees farenheit you won’t be accelerating decarboxylation. 90-100 degrees might be better. That said, the default times and temp should be alright, especially if you are using the stock trays I would say try default settings first (maybe just lower temp) and adjust parameters each run based on previous results. If you find that the material isn’t dry enough after one pass, just re-run it. I think it also had an option to extend the dry/freeze cycles on the fly… it’s been a little while since I last used it but it was one of those things that are kinda hard to mess up… pretty fool proof for the most part. Good luck!

EDIT: I suppose if you are aiming to retain some terps it would be wise to go lower, as @Dvowel mentioned:


I hit the hash with 45-50F temps, seems to take around 24 hrs to get it completely dry. I dont dry buds in it. Im gonna try a 4hr freeze and 12 hr dry, I think that would do it for the hash. Im just worried about it not being all the way frozen when the pump turns on.


Please send me DM too

im confused you say 4 hours freeze 12 hours dry but u say it takes 24 hours? What have you found by now to be the best settings?

It was taking 24hrs to get it done before I set my parameters correctly. Now it takes about 16 hrs to finish up, and the shelf temp has been lowered as well.

If youre having issues with getting your patties to be dry in time, I would try to thin the patty out more/make more even on the pan.


Freeze dryers work through sublimation. I usually like to have this process occur at least twice during the freeze drying process. With the Scientific/pharmaceutical freeze dryer you can adjust time and temps fairly easily and the process can be done in less than 24 hours.


If @Hashoholic or @BananaBannabis were willing to share their parameters, I think we would all benefit from your experiences!