SOP for 'fresh frozen' in cls

I was told by a guy that was being elusive about details that you do not want to run the material completely wet but to dry it ‘a little’. How do you handle chopped and frozen material for BHO?

Also, do you think you would get less/better color if you do dry the trim? It’s machine trim and I usually can get good color from dry machine trim but this stuff is picking up too much of the wrong hues even with CRC. I know it’s best suited for distillate but I currently only have a CLS and get this material cheap enough that it will be worth the effort.

Always freeze all material asap… especially trim from a machine trimmer as it will oxidize rapidly…the longer its exposed to air, light and heat the higher the rate of oxidization. I throw all mine right into the deep freezer in turkey bags until its frozen all the way through… pulverize and load sock and put in my dry ice freezer overnight to freeze further as well as dessicate a bit…


ah dry ice for a night to dry it some without thawing or drying before freezing. I’ll give that a try, thanks!

Do not dry fresh frozen AT ALL. Keep it as frozen as possible throughout the entire process . Also make sure to use a mole sieve to remove water.