Sonication X HTE

If I make an emulsion w/ solventless HTE and water using a sonicator, would I be able to use silica and alumina in a Buchner to filter out some fats and lipids and then separate what’s left when the emulsion breaks at the top of a separatory funnel?

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Give it a try.

Only way to find out is to do it.

Sounds like rosin cRc is back on the menu boys.

I figured you could nitrogen or argon push through as well.
I like the water concept a lot.

Maybe even just heat and pressure through a funnel and let time and gravity and a little vacuum do it’s thing.

Appreciate the continued inspiration towards the matter. @WholesaleXcannabis

Probably not. Your entire HTE fraction will likely turn into your emulsion since all of it is hydrophobic and you’d lose as many terps as you would lipids; curious to be proven wrong though.


The powders will certainly take some goodies, but it’d be solvent free cRc hahaha. New marketing,new product, new sales.

“We took rosin and made it even more expensive with the price of CRC powders and additional labor!”

That’ll be $150/g to offset my costs.

I tried this with not much luck. I have been down the rabbit hole with a bunch of tests on SPD and separating the terps from HTE but I looked around the lab and realized that the sonicator might be able to get a ‘nicer’ hte with less fats and lipids. The color is already primo but aren’t we all striving for better products :crazy_face:


Playing around is where we find new things. Respect.

I’d try your mids rosin / add water and get it back to a slurry and try forcing it through some media and showing the results.

Using water as the solvent I think we can all agree will not lose its “solventless” appeal.

I imagine water/vacuum/argon/nitrogen gas to be aid on getting it through without a heavy duty solvent might work. Product is gonna definitely be different

The fats & lipids will for sure go into emulsion. I do this all the time, and they can actually be pretty decent surfactants. You might have some heavier waxes that flocculate but pretty sure you won’t be able to winterize HTE with just water and powders. It’s hard to filter emulsions period.

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Silica dissolves in water (120mg/L) so I would not recommend this

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I think the boiling point of silica is high enough where we may not need to worry about that as much; there’s always some ash content of any concentrate (Na, K, Ca, Mg) which is much more volatile than silica.