Solventless THCa Isolate Crystallization πŸ’Ž


Hello all! After much reading on this wonderful site, I am honored to make my first post here! Much of what I have learned to make these experiments happen has been from here, and I thank each and every one of you.

So, here is a glimpse into my crystallization experiments with mechanically-separated THCa isolate.
I decided to share this because I found the floating cluster of crystals to be a good scaled-up demonstration of what is happening molecularly in these jars during the crashing process.

I imagine each crystal in the floating mass is an individual molecule of THCa. These molecules are finding each other in solution and β€œbuddying-up”, attaching to each other in a latticed structure, thus forming the crystals we see.

In this case, it was still a bit hard for these molecules to find each other, resulting in smaller formations. From my understanding, the easier it is for these molecules to find each other, one can expect the larger more faceted rock-type formations.

If you have any insight, questions, tips, ideas, or etc. feel free to share!


Background Info:
Here we have some β€œPink Lemonade” β€œSolventless” Diamonds. These were initially 5g of mech-sep isolate (made from dry-sift rosin), and supersaturated into a Pink Lemonade Terpene fraction.

*The reason Solventless is in quotes is because terpenes are a solvent.


Special thanks to the lattice fam for all of the support throughout my crystallization journey. We will have facets one day!
(@real_resin_riley, @terpz_710, @tommot420710, @tanhat_710)



Oooo OMG seeing posts like these make me so giddy!!! I am so intrigued!!

-Was the terpene fraction ran threw a short path to clean up before adding isolate?

-how much is super saturated?!? Also what was the prep of the isolate like? Just crush up and add to slightly warm Terp fraction?

Im sure I’ll have more questions. Man I can’t wait to go to work Monday, stupid boring weekends getting in the way of having fun haha, thank you for sharing!


I sent DM essentially asking same questions…
Background info rather vague.

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