solventless rosin caps

ok so kinda a high thought but say you pull a 40% yield isolating some Thca from hash rosin does that put you at approximately 400mg ? This brings me to my second thought ive smoked the “terp fraction” and there is definitely some cannabinoids leftover so if you all had to guess what percent would that be 1% 5%?.
Trying to figure out a realistic approximate dosage for capsules

Potency % and weight are two different values

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40% recovery on a gram of thca would be 400mg of thca.

40% recovery on a gram of rosin would be 60-65% of that. Assuming a starting potency of 60-65%

Guess? non ideal… you want data from folks who have actually looked

see: In House analytics

I would guess the terp fraction is probably closer to 30%…
I’ve not had the opportunity to confirm.

Edit: High, and forgot we were talking rosin when I guessed 30%…

that was based on hydrocarbon experience. how much heat is used in achieving the separation will effect the final cannabinoid concentration in the “terpene fraction” (THC doesn’t crystallize, THCA does). there is also the additional fats and waxes usually pulled with rosin. I would expect a broader range with rosin than with hydrocarbon based extracts.

also have the distinct recollection of an actual COA in one of the jar tek threads…


Ok I’ll try and explain this the best I can.

So say you have 10 grams of rosin that you wish to mechanically separate.

When you separate it you end up with 6gs of Thca, and 4gs of terp fraction.

Each gram of thca will equal 999mg of thcA(roughly).

When you decarb this(activate it) you will lose mass. You should lose about 13% mass from decarbing. This will not effect potency, only the weight. So say you lose 13% weight from decarbing 6gs. You should end up with about 5.2gs of activated thc aka 5200mg. So if you want 100mg capsules, you’ll end up with 52 of them.

The terp fraction varies in potency. It’s usually around 50% cannabinoids.

Hope this helps.


Also, check out my mechanical separation thread. I have a coa for solventless thca in there as well as a very in depth step by step on how to achieve optimal results.


my process is pretty much the same as @Solventless so by the end im sure there is a very small percent of decarboxylation in the terp fraction i start at around 60c and by the end of process im at around 90c. thats interesting to see the actual testing i questioned the purity of the thca powder its nice to know you actually are isolating thca and not lipids ect the capsules are just for personal use and the homies so it doesnt have to be perfect just wanted to get a more realistic idea of the actual cannabinoids present in a decarbed rosin

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I’m really confused.

what are you putting in the capsules?

you’re repressing rosin made from trichomes to get THCA at ~40% by weight, then decarbing that THCA and loading it in capsules?

and keeping the “terpene” fraction for huffables?

I’m not taking the piss, I just don’t understand all that effort to get to an ingestable unless it’s to ingest the acid form. having a 40-50% cannabinoid byproduct that one also had a use/market would help offset that extra effort.

decarbing the kief and eating it seems soooo much more to the point.


Yeah honesty that or just decarbing the rosin in a sealed jar and diluting into a carrier oil like Mct is probably your best option. You want all the terpenes and minors in there. Makes for a way better high in my opinion.