Solventless Mold / Metal Remediation

Hi guys- apologies if this has been talked about, I searched, but couldn’t find much.

Does anyone have tech or experience removing mold or metals from fresh frozen or dry sift?

Or alternatively, does anyone working in METRC have experience taking non pass flower, and creating passing solventless? - either dry sift or fresh frozen.

I’m in Michigan and a lot of the outdoor is still non pass.

Thanks in advance!

Solventless? From outside, where there is weather? And your state tests for molds? That’s hard to accomplish correctly without greenhouses at a minimum. Oregon had this issues the first year or two where nobody could get bubblehash on the shelves since everything outdoor would have some levels of mold and solventless just magnified the problem further.

I am interested to hear others’ solutions but I am not aware of how to clean it up other than running it through an EtoH-based extraction and CRC’ing the distillate to remove heavy metals.


Metals? You’re SOL without CRC.

Mold? Flying Skull Nuke Em advertises you can treat dried flower to pass testing:

Nuke Em® can be used post-harvest to successfully kill mold, mildew, and bugs so that your product will pass lab testing.

Post-harvest application rate: Dilute Nuke Em® to regular strength (4oz/gal) and soak your product so that it is thoroughly submerged. You should not keep the product in the solution for more than 5-10 seconds. Keep in mind that Nuke Em® must touch the powdery mold/mildew to kill it, however, more is not better in this instance. Allow the product to drip dry.

It will nuke your terps. I’ve seen it work and I’ve seen it fail for mold.


Does ozone remediation maintain solventless distinction? If so that may be an option for mold remediation.

I have actual data for you -
Funny how @AgTonik and users suggest SOL without CRC,
We actually washed fresh frozen nug that had 0.8 cadmium (failing by 4x in Cali),
After Washing, Freeze Drying, and Pressing, the Rosin only had 0.1 cadmium (1/2 the limit, PASS)

I’ve also washed Powdery Mildew material several times levels ranging and all Pass

So for the record Solventless Mold / Metal remediation is inherit in the process itself

Feel free to ask any questions I have test results by labs pictures data yields etc


@Sisco would love to see more.

We’ve generally had the same experiences with mold/mildew, but we just don’t have data on metals.

Vapor Static is solventless and it kills mold and leaves heavy metals behind in the biomass


Vapor Static is bad ass, but I don’t think it falls in the same category of extract, even if it is solventless. It produces a really fine crude, but probably not comparable to some fire rosin. I’m sure they will dial in the tek to eventually produce some super fire finished product, but still probably a world apart.


Oh man. I am curious what the custy would say about their solventless if people were dumping shit on it to kill mold…

PM can be removed with B80 when running it as BHO, I would distill it though; as for black mold, please toss product and call it a loss.


Are you saying that the particle size of mold is small enough to fall though the 25u or whatever most people have at the bottom? Curious if you have done any tests based on particles sizes?

If this is true, a simple graph of particle sizes could yeild some real value here.

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Not sure what state you’re in but in Cali they don’t test for PM. The only way PM causes failed analytics is if the amount covers 25٪+ of the surface area. Then it will fail for foreign object contamination.