Solventless lipid infusions (at MJBiz)

Hi folks,

I’m Trey, and I wanted to invite anyone interested in development and production of lipid infusions to meet my wife Rebecca and I. We work for Hemp Harvest Innovations and are set up at a booth with Advanced Extraction Labs (c2428).

Sure one could argue that oil is a solvent, but the point is it isn’t hazardous, the carbon footprint is minimal, and infusion is a uniquely streamlined way to make edibles & topicals. At any scale! (Vape concentrates are generally off the table with oil infusion.) Like solventless rosin, infusions shine when starting with great flower. For decarb, I have found quality is best preserved when performed in a batch reactor at lower temps, for longer durations, and in an inert atmosphere. Together with a coarse initial biomass grind, color remediation is not needed to make beautiful, potent (>10%), full spectrum oils. Here’s about 600mL of a mct-thc flower infusion at 25 mg/g:

Lately we have also been infusing oils with plants other than cannabis — think, making a 1000 mg/oz salve with both an infused hemp oil and and infused botanical oil, instead of adding essential oils.

Hemp Harvest Innovations has designed and delivered infusion equipment that processes 20 and 40 lbs of plant material per shift. We also operate smaller scale infusers (~60 or 450 grams plant material a day) that are excellent for product development or small businesses. We invite your curiosities—in addition to selling equipment we are eager to help you develop your own products and markets by doing the processing for you.

So come stop by or message me, we have 1mL samples showing off the process including a face oil that double as beard oil—rose hip oil infused with chamomile, calendula, rose, and lavender. Thanks!