Solventless Curing/Storing

Hello All,

I just wanted to open back the discussion about what popular curing/storing methods for Solventless do you think work best. Whether its from personal opinions, implemented in production settings, or consistency dependent.

My personal opinion I like the cold cure technique. I used the cold cure method on a recent grow that was Bubba Burger (GMOxPlatinum Kush).
Top to Bottom pictures Follows as : Bubble hash from the wash, the hash after the freeze dryer, the pressing at 93C, and the final product. The cold cure method was taking the material straight from the press then putting it in a fridge for over a week at below 50F then whipped. Please let me know your thoughts



Looks pretty good to me.


Fire af looks it!

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Your technique looks top notch. Little to no oxidation allowing for that clear/golden goodness. Well done.

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Thanks Demontrich, StoneD, and CannabiniodChemist. I all Appreciate the comments!The Terpene profile on that round was immaculate; stuper stanky.

I will post my most recent run when I finish it up in the next week or so.

How long and at what PSI did you press? What type of press are u using? also… sorry… LOL what size micron bags? 36?

QUESTION PLEASE. say I gather 20 g’s to 50 g’s as i press throught the day… I can add it all to 1 jar put that1 jar in fridge for a week at 50F. Pull and warm and whip?



This is physically impossible. No way to do this.


93C? wow that seems high for that beauty. was it that temp the entire time?