Solvent Recovery

What kind of Water Heater/circulator should i get to help recover butane from my collection pot? I am starting to get tired of transferring 5 gallon buckets of hot water. Any advice is appreciated. =)

I use a Suis Vide water heater in a cooler with an aquarium pump located outside of my C1D1 area. The pump circulates the water through the wall into the C1D1 area and heats up my collection pot.


Ok so I would use it to heat my water in cooler…how long does it take to work…i usually transfer from another cooler over and over

Does it keep up, like holds water at 85 f even with collection base iced over?

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Yes this is what i told you i use in the past. It will maintain a constant temp by raising the water temps to deal with the cooling during recovery.

You can find them cheap on amazon. I own an anova one and ive use it for cooking and my closed loop over the last year. Polyscience make scientific ones but my anova been rock solid over a year and hundreds of hours of use. You can find them half price from what i paid a year ago


Yep. Mine can hold 85 even when I’m adding -80F solvent out of my material column. My collection pot is jacketed, so I’m just constantly circulating this water. Set it, and forget it. Add more water every week or so.

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Yep this is exactly the reason I’m check-in into now bc I remembered you saying.

So I just set In cooler of water and it heats it?

Yes. Mine has a screw clip to hold in the side of my cooler. It’s has a circulator in it. You prop it On the side of the cooler. Set it to temp and leave it. Just make sure you have enough water in the cooler so during its use that the recirculator never gets exposed. This can seriously damage the unit.

Like I said. Mine is perfect. I can recover at the coldest ambient temperature I’m working in.


We have modifyed beer kegs with a hot water heater bungs welded in, there is a hot water on demand pump that circulates the water. The heat is controlled through PID. You can run the hoses through the walls on yout c1d1 enclosure.


But a bucket heater from amazon there 50 bucks, only downside is they don’t have temp control so if your running crude there great

FYI Inkbird makes PID controllers for both heat/cool you can plug directly into with a 110V plug. Not sure what the bucket heater you’re using has as far as watts, I used this one on a freezer I had that the thermostat died on and it says it can handle 1100W:

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Do I need 2 coolers or 1?..itll set to 85f right…thanks buddy

What do I do when collection frozen over, I know u don’t go directly in to 85f do u?

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Depends entirely on your process. You can certainly heat collection pot to 85F before you dump your butane out of your top spool, as long as it won’t mess with the product you are trying to make, without knowing what kind of extract you are going for I can’t answer that.

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No I only use one cooler when I’m recovering. It’s a rectangle one. Where my sous vide isn’t near my extractor. Actually on the complete opposite sides with the sous vide on the short side if you can picture it.

I don’t know why you would go from a completely froze over collection tank to 85f water. I can’t even picture this unless your trying to go from recovery directly to extracting which why use water and just go ambient temp?


You mean it’s not nearest but it’s in the same cooler?

yes its in the same cooler

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We use an Electro Industries electric water boiler, and a water heating manifold that was originally designed for a hydronic floor heating system. It’s pretty savage and supplies all of our pressure vessels (including our massive 48" horizontal unit) with enough hot water.


No I meant from extraction to recovery…do I let it set room temp couple min before 85f water or just straight out dry ice acetone then into warm water? Don’t wanna crack the machine

…also I will be going from recovery directly back to extraction a lot…its the only way I can really save money…run 3 columns into same collection, recover in btw… then the last time I can open w .5lb left for the pour , regardless if making diamonds I do this every time, gets every drop out that rounded bottom

Thanks so much buddy

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I personally just have a plastic bin, fill it with water. I got a submersible heater that I drop into the water hooked up to a temperature controller. So that water just stays hot all day… then I use a cheap submersible water pump. the pump runs water to a simple manifold to direct water to the base or material column which are both jacketed. And I simply open the valves to the respective place I want hot water to run through. Pretty simple. This image shows my whole water setup. Real simple. I use quick disconnect fittings to be able to plug and unplug the hose lines to my material column also if needed I can simply drop the pump into a cool water bucket to cool the base and column down a bit


Ok so all this teck is about rising temps of your recovery gas
Wich i also did ( all equipment got confiscated last month by the police)
But i also used another trick that i haven t heard Many of You talk about
I bought My extractor years ago so splatter platters were new at that time
So i had a welded base
I made a chocolate fountain inside My tank
I took two microwave racks and put round cake baking molds on top so i had a 12 base pot then a 10 internal splatter platter and then a second 8 " splatter platter each each platter was 2" high with a inch inbetween
So the liquid would fill the first overflows onto the second and overflows filling the botom of the base
By dooing this i made My eevaporation surface


Sorry wasn t finished
Surface a lot bigger
I would blast like 10 to 12 kg in a 2kg tube and end of the day clean out the pot
Yes iT is a little more mesy
but because your evaporation surface is larger your pressure stays higher making your recovery pump run more efficiënt
En thus recover faster