Solvent for Sale plus free used solvent

Description: Free new solvent

Current location of item: Auburn CA
Estimated lead time: Ready for drop off/pick up

During our move to USDA organic we had to remove all non compliant solvents so now they need to be given away. We have the following:


Heptane 1/2 a drum $0
Pentane: 1 drum $0

Im willing to drop these off if you need. Just gotta get them given away or sent into the proper disposal facility.

Heptanes is not to be used in cannabis. Only n heptane. Heptane(s) is a generic mix used for laquer thinner basically. Heptane(s) is also in fuels I think.


N heptane and all the other heptane isomers fall under the same UN number 1206 for hazmat shipping purposes. The UN number will not define quality or whether it is n heptane or a mix of heptane isomers. Always consult the coa for specific content information.


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Why is heptanes not to be used in cannabis? Says who and why?

Cheap heptane(s) are a mix of heptanes of various nature’s and they aren’t like n-heptane. N-heptane is easier to remove and doesn’t leave label oil based compounds present. Heptanes are a mix of heptane usually reserved for commercial or industrial non food related processes. Also used in paint thinners or different variations.

N-heptane is isolated and usually labeled high purity. Heptanes is a mixed purity and they usually don’t even label or test for impurities on heptanes as it’s not really used for any food grade stuff off the bat.

Did elliot tell you this?

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I just googled this

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My 2 cents: All heptane should be water washed and rotovaped at low temp so that you know you can remove it later once its used.

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Good luck with the sale. I literally couldn’t give away free solvent to anyone who would come get it

Yea im thinking ill have to call the county and see if they have a drop off facility. I thought this would go quick and easy, but now its in my storage chilling next to a 50L we are trying to sell as well.

We were able to give like 7 barrels away of mixed stuff, the rest had to go to a disposal facility.

Our county wouldn’t let us drop off solvents.

Both drums are new, never used so hopefully that helps in the sale, or disposal.

These were clean, new solvents. Mixed in that there were some barrels of heptane, some of hexane, etc.