SOLD: Walk-in freezer -29 Degrees C

Item Model/Manufacturer: Walk-in Freezer / Heatcraft; Imperial Brown
Description: Walk-in freezer 15’ Long x 25’ Wide x 12’ High with two 60” x 84” freezer panel frame doors and two interior ramps.
Price/MSRP: $17,000
Current location of item: Madras, OR
Estimated lead time: 5 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: No

Condition: New, still in original crate.
Manufacturer of cooler: Heatcraft
Converted to freezer by: Imperial Brown
Freezer Dimensions: 15’ Long x 25’ Wide x 12’ High.
Temperature: -20 degrees F (-29 degrees C).
Includes: two 60” x 84” freezer panel frame doors, two interior ramps.

Original quotes available upon request.

Location: Madras, OR. Sale is time sensitive, thus all reasonable offers will be considered. Item price is FOB. Negotiable instrument only, unit will be released for shipping. Buyer is responsible for LTL shipping arrangements and insurance.
Interested buyers, please call: 503-866-1465


Does this come with the refrigeration unit and are the walls fire rated?

Yes, it comes with refrigeration unit. I do not think it is fire rated. If you send me your email, I will email the quotes with specs

Sale pending

The freezer is SOLD