*SOLD* Thompson Duke ACF1 Filler and Accessories

Item Model/Manufacturer: Thompson Duke ACF1
Description: Automated Cart Filler
Price: $15000 OBO
Current location of item: Long Beach Ca
Estimated lead time: Ready to go
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller NO
User support / Warranty: NO

We have the ACF1 as well as:
3-New Feed Syringes
3-Used Feed Syringes
3-Duke Valves
10-Luer Tubes
1 TD capper
1- 50 watt heat lamp
15- Ikrusher Nord trays
2-500ml reservoir
1-500ml Jacket Heater
1-100ml used heat vessel
12-510 trays
3- 9/16th hole trays


Check your DM

I am so sorry I had forgot a 0 in the price. It has been updated to 15,000. Not trying to bait and switch, honest mistake.

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Interested in few items that you have for sale, please check your dm

Available still?

Hi there. Is this still available?

This unit has been sold and is no longer available.