SOLD Rosin Press(Rosin Tech) SOLD

Paid 5k would like to get 3k shipping on the buyer I could build a pallet.
Comes with 2 press plates
Also includes some bags.

DM for pictures with your email.

Location OKC


We are local, would be interested in checking it out. Why don’t you like it?


Damn man, you mean to tell me nobody wanted OK squeezed MIDS LOL

I hope you sell your squishy machine.

I’m just Joshing you…


We make more product with BHO. Send me your dm if you serious bro…

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To the top 2800 now…

Rosin tech is a shite co. Had nothing but problems and horrible customer service

Caveat Emptor

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Work good for me. But thanks for your input

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I can ship

What’s your best price shipped to 48088. Everything works 100%? Any cosmetic issues? Platens are true and flat, not warped? Pid heaters are fully functioning and work correctly?

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Everything is perfect also I’ll do 2600 shipped

Demon do you have any experience with this particular machine? I’m looking at the Pikes Peak but new to the press game.

With all the latest Tom foolery with cannabinoids I’m convinced it’s flower, to bubble, to rosin…I think I’m personally done with hydrocarbons.


No, I made a 20t press, and squished LOTS of bags of di kief, and flower. This was 4yrs back or longer.


Check out low temp presses

Lowtemp Plates

The Honda accord in my opinion. Trusty, easy to dial things in and it looks pretty clean. I’ve used mine for 4+ yrs and she still purrs.


Pikes peak was my first choice. We ended up purchasing the Long Peak with Auto pressure control.


Thank you, will take a look.

@Boomtownpharms thank you also. Will do some research. This will be for my personal lab so as always quality is of major importance.

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You can adjust the pressure and the temperature also has some presets but I never used it also comes with few 100 dollars worth of mirco bags.

Have you sold it yet?

I had a few things come up unexpectedly. I have to back out.

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Sold…sorry guys


I might have something you’d be interested in.