SOLD Price Drop! $105k down from $125k - Pope 6" SOLD

Likely final price drop -down $20k from original price!!

6" Stainless Steel Pope Wiped Film Evaporator, fully functional, in like-new condition. Turnkey system with everything you need, just load with crude and you’re off!
Increased heat transfer of stainless steel over glass allows this unit a confirmed 5-7Lph throughput, with a distillate output of 3-5Lph; room for increasing these numbers with some experimentation on parameters.
Comes with all original parts and components, and some additional equipment, including:

  • Two (2) Julabo 600F heating/chilling circulators
  • Cacajen CVP36 21CFM Rotary Vane Pump
  • Diffusion pump with cooling system and manifold for quick return to deep vacuum
  • Spares for all glass and SS parts and adapters so you’ll never have to shut down production to wait for crucial part replacements.
    Outfitted with gear pumps for continuous input and output, with a modified outlet path for continuous distillate harvest with more efficiency and less mess.

Operated in a licensed commercial cannabis extraction facility for approx. 3-4 weeks.
Comes with updated SOP created by experienced operators over a substantial period of trial and error. In-person or remote introductory training session included, depending on purchaser location.
I have a spreadsheet with a complete list of parts and spares upon request. Thanks all!

ATTN: Unit has been sold

I updated your title for you!

@Capttripppp thank you! still new to this stuff i appreciate that

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