SOLD. KDT 10 Brand New So Cal. Available Right Now! (Also AV15 FFE and 2 ETS MEP 30s). SOLD

Item: KDT 10

Location: Lancaster, CA

Price: 250k list price; -20% off for out of box 210k

Would prefer local pickup but can work out shipping
Untitled document.pdf (355.2 KB)

Also Brand new AV15 Never used with everything but heater available, make an offer!

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Bumping this and there seem to be a bunch of kd10s out there, this one is fully loaded never used. Dm me and make an offer, the owner of this just wants it gone and its taking up valuable floor space in my lab.

I know there are a bunch out there but bumping this and price drop to make an offer. Will take a super low price for someone that picks up the kd-10 and av15

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Bump on this will take 85k brand new never used!

For the kd10?

Yes need it gone, taking up valuable space and we dont make distillate. The document above has the actual machine pictured sitting in our lab. Also have a Av15 would get rid of for pennies on the dollar.

Wish i had a need for that kinda throughput, thats a spectacular deal.

Get what you normally do in a week, done in a day! So much time for other work to be done.

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Ikr, cant wait until I can find a KD30 for 100k-120.

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There’s a nother KD10 for sale on the forum for $115k

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Oh i know, just dont have the demand for it. Got wipers in boxes here already i haven’t needed to set up in 2-3 yrs.


Bumping again, brand new never used just was installed and is taking up room.

Bumping this Also have 2 ets available. Kd10 getting moved to storage this week, been taking up lab space for to long.

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Yo does this have the turbo molecular on it?


it does, but I have somonone coming out Thursday to look at the unit and my guess is it will be gone unless they try to beat me down more on price.

Would a unit this big still run smaller runs ok?

are the ETS machines available still?

Check DM John. Idk if u still got the same # from 4 years ago lol.

can a mod close this thread? All equipment has sold.