*SOLD* Huber Chillers CS100 and 200

I currently have two used Huber Cs chillers for sale. I also have 1 spare CS100 that was sold to us as a backup. We filled to unit just to ensure it works but we have never used the spare unit for processing. Both of the used CS 200 and CS100 has been used for about 1.3 years. Pease contact if interested. All units are located in Hawaii. We also have the Transformer for sale that is required to step up the power for the CS200.

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How’s it going id like to talk about buying the cs200. Plz give me a call 412-897-3509

How much are you selling the chillers

Aloha and sorry but the CS200 is in the selling process at the moment if it does not sell i will contact you. Would you be intersted in the used or new CS100?

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Hello, do you still have the cs100/200 for sale?

sorry all sold

Do you still have this equipment?

It looks like laryp said they all sold but I have a client with a cs100 for sale in California

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