SOLD 300 Liter Jacketed Tank

Lightly Used and in good shape. Was left by a previous tenant in a building we just took over and I have no need for it. It is jacketed for use with recirculating chiller. It is located near Bellingham Washington and I would love to find someone local to buy it and pick it up.

Henan Koray Trading Company
Capacity: 300 L
Material: 304
Working Pressure: *Vacuum
Originally Paid: $3940
Asking Price for LOCAL PICK UP: $500


Damn bro, chiller, tank. What else the equipment fairy leave for y’all?


I also have a Laminar Flow hood (I guess for tissue culture?). Small 5 liter buchi roto vap heating mantle and stand thats missing most everything, some miscellaneous glass ware that looks like it might go to it. A gigantic broken freeze dryer with a -40 cold trap. this thing is going to be a nighmare to deal with its like the size of a small car but only has a freeze drying section the size of maybe a 1 cubic foot vac oven so i dont know who the hell will be willing to take it not knowing what is broken. on the skid with the freeze dryer it has a huge pump, cold trap, refrigeration units, air compressor, etc). There was quite a bit of of other items ive managed to sell and a whole shit load of small miscellaneous things that might be worth using like a cartridge filling machine but I question its cleanliness or ability to be cleaned. Basically these guys before us were doing CO2 extracts and distillate and we do live resin so none of this shit is of any use to me lol.


is this still available?

I sent a message about your laminar flow hood, is it still available?

Have picture of the rest of the equipment . If i can find a shipper will you ship it?

I’ll buy the tank. I’m 45 minutes from you and I have cash in hand. Let me know!


This item is Sold. Is there a way for me to delete this post? sorry I am a future NOOB

I edited the title for you.

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You get it @FicklePickle?


Did you sell the flow hood as well?

Negative… I wanted it bad. Still do