Sodium Ferrocyanide

I was about to mix up 5 gallons of saturated saline solution for a wash + citric acid degumming with some Walmart house brand “Plain” salt. I noticed Yellow Prussiate of Soda on the ingredients list. Anyone use salt that has this in it? Am I being overly paranoid? I mean it’s just cyanide right?

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It’s probably better to avoid it if you can, but I don’t think your solution will be acidic enough to liberate HCN.


Thanks @tetramethylsilane

It’d probably be fine to use it since it would stick with the water and the gas would eventually escape. But I’ll just go ahead and get plain old NaCl :slight_smile:

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got to be a strong mineral acid normally to push HCN out of a ferrocyanide.

like boiling Sulfuric other than that you can eat it though I am not recommending it.

cyanide joins to the hemoglobin in your blood taking the place of oxygen

the iron in ferrocyanide will stop that

acid and ferrocyanide normally make hydroferrocyanide again wont bond to the hemoglobin.

trust me I tried hard to make cyanide from this one I did manage to make it work but it
took quite a bit of heating in conc sulfuric acid.

another note.

cyanosis which when you get your self a good dose of cyanide produces very red lips not blue
like lack of oxygen does.

it also makes the cuticles in your nails bright red.

ive been poisened by the cyclon b it was not fun

antidote is sodium or potassium nitrite injection
or sniffing poppers (amyl nitrite)


Thanks @squig! Maybe one day when I have more destructive time on my hands I’ll try my hand at making some cyanide haha! I was just surprised to see it on the ingredients list of plain salt. I mean, is it really that important to have your salt be anti-caked? They could just sell special GMO rice-dehydrators.

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don’t stress there is cyanide everywhere.

even in the food you eat just in low quantities.

apricots peaches and all stone fruit have cyanide in there cores

apple seeds the list goes on


I agree with squig, should be just fine. I’ve performed a few synthesis in my involving cyanide conjugations when making activated resins. You need some pretty harsh conditions.

If you do happen to be doing any kind of reaction and are fearful, if you smell a peanut or almond odor or a similar scent, that’s usually a sign of cyanide off-gassing, so don’t stick around too long.


smoke a cigarette thats what the old timers did and it works.

the smoke taste god awful before you get sick.

that cyanide smell is not too bad