Socks stealing yield?

Has anybody else had issues with their socks holding on to their yields. I’m running 6lbs in a 6x48 sock. Running at about -40c and pushing nitro at roughly 60psi. Doing a 5 min soak and 6:1 flush.

Yeah of course…. We do a bag run every couple weeks and get 5-10g per bag.


We have done this A/B test internally 2 years ago of socks vs tubes on output quality, color and yeild and we could not find a noticable difference between the two…


Same here

May I please ask for clarification are you describing; that suspension is not passing through the sock, or the build-up of residual oil on the sock (and column side walls), or incomplete removal of oil from the flower?

I’m pretty sure that he is speaking of oil that is being left behind either in the material, or make up of the sock structure itself. That’s my interpretation on it

Hit the socks with a UV light from @Waxplug1 . I think the oil on the socks is often other compounds than thc/ thca

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6:1 solvent ratio is not enough. 8:1 for custies, and 10:1 no soak for homies. You really shouldn’t have a whole lot left if your socks, but like someone above said pack them in the column when you distill and wash them and save up the reclaim.


judging by the crude I get from washing them it’s a significant amount of fat and sugar left behind

I’ve done it and it looks baby blue and red. It’s basically the oil with chlorophyll or carotenoids in it but nonetheless it shows there’s a bit of oil left. When we run our socks at the end of every strain, and centrifuge it, a good amount of thca comes out of the run


The red spots and oil will be pretty obvious but the baby blue blends in more with the glow of the white sock so if it’s heavier in color like here towards the bottom of the sock, then there is some oil on there. It’s best to wash the socks after every strain to prevent any cross contamination

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How dense do you pack your socks? I noticed significantly less yield with them as well

I’ve also noticed lower yields when utilizing a sock.