SoCal looking for a Liter of raw thc distillate

Good evening Community I’m looking for some raw clean tested with a certification of authenticity liter of distillate. Please DM me with any info you may have, and if it’s mediocre please just don’t DM me. And have a blessed week.

Hello, I can help, text me 19546371770

I have cat 3 thc distillate woth coas

COA from 5 months ago?


don’t mind get a new one if you are interested

very interested in in your distillate.

Something is off about this user.

Please elaborate?

Nothing off here. I’m broker direct to buy looking bulk distillate on weekly basis. LMK if can help.

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I have distillate at $3000 a Liter, 75%D8/D9 Please DM for more.

Hey I am new to Future4200. I live in SoCal. I’m looking for a high cbd/thc mixture. Only thing is I’m sure you have probably a minimum of 1 liter. Do you deal with small er quantities. 250ml? I’m not a reseller, or retailer. Just a disabled vet looking to make my own blend. Anyway. Hope I wasn’t out of line. Excuse me ahead of time if i was.


I need to come up with a CBD/THC tincture or MCT. I have access to CBD distillate at 91% pure. I need some THC distillate. I need a pretty high daily doses. I’ve been smoking since 1974. Any help would be appreciated. Your lab results are impressive.

how much would $5-600 buy if any?