So what is the rule on selling disti with to much thc to other labs that are going to process it further?

To my understanding, I can sell my hot disti to any lab in any state, as long as it’s done under the assumption that it is going to be continued to be processed and diluted before it is actually put on the retail market. Is this incorrect?


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I think @Rowan can chime in, I think he deals with this regularly

So long as the hemp was derived from plant matter that is compliant with the farm bill and you ship/transport with that paperwork and all document trailing is clear and complete you should be fine.

A processor inherently is going to be handling and transporting and dealing with high THC levels, as the Wisconsin DATCP elucidated to a fellow processor when prompted as to what we are supposed to do with mother liquor etc- we are allowed to store any thc we extract, they basically told us to hold on to it and keep the paperwork trail and labels extremely clear.

… long story short: So long as the final product that hits consumer shelves is compliant any processor to processor transaction should be totally fine- given that your product is sourced from compliant biomass.


Thank you!

This was my understanding just wanted to make sure it was just my opinion.

I dunno about fine, legally I think that’s a bad reading of the farm bill, but you’d have to get caught. Want to risk big legal costs and potentially getting banned from hemp industry? You get warnings if you aren’t way over 0.3% but get your product high enough and ship enough quantities and your looking at felonies.

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It would be absurd to be able to isolate THC from hemp and ship it across state lines to someone who will isomerize it. That is for sure illegal


That’s not what’s being discussed here

Yes it is, what you all are proposing can be extrapolated to sending THC isolate across state lines, with some packaging claiming that it is hemp derived and destined for isomerization to a non-thc product. This is clearly going to be illegal.
The farm bill is a bit vague in exactly where you cross from warnings into felonies but the Ohio highway patrol don’t give a fuck about all that

Your still confused bud. It’s sending a product that contains minimal amounts of thc. Once it’s been diluted into a mixture solution destined for tinctures or cartridges that have been cut down to below the .3% thc.

It’s in no way being isomerized or addressed in anyway. It’s simply diluted once it reaches the client. So like he stated above, it’s a hemp product. It’s going to be diluted to be compliant at the retail side.

The cops are morons. Even if it had 0% thc. Their roadside test would still show them its cannabis. It would still be siezed and have to be sued to be released. But it would be released very quickly as it has its document trail showing where it was derived, where it’s going, and why it’s legal.

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I’m not confused, you are talking about shipping a product that is, during the time of shipment, over 0.3% THC. So you can read my posts above explaining the risk and my take on the lack of protections the farm bill gives (I’m not giving legal advice, only my opinion).
Heck, even just having a intermediate in your lab, say, mother liquor that’s hot is a legal risk. Thinking otherwise is foolhardy. Yes people do it, but people also ship black market cannabis.

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Also, they can seize and keep anything over 0.3%, that’s not even a question

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Just a matter of how deep the poop you step in if/when that happens

So what you’re saying is then that no one should be processing. As all of us who own or operate a hemp processing facility know, nearly all crude and distillate is over .3%. By your logic the industry needs to shut down immediately unless perhaps you vertically integrate all the way to consumer products. But yet, here we are…

I never said not to do something, only that the argument that it’s legal is not based on a good reading of the farm bill or local police behavior

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Go tell that to the kids who got busted a few months back in Ohio with a couple hundred liters of crude hemp extract, or did the charges get dropped already? I honestly don’t know what happened to them

@broken_glassware I was given this information by the DATCP office, state of Wisconsin- I will get it in writing if you would like to have it clarified.

Have you read the farm bill in full?

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No I just like acting like I have. Just kidding, yes, several times.
I don’t doubt that some states don’t care, but shipping across states that do will be when the murky legality can get sketch

What exactly is the issue with isomerization? I’m planning on running my THC into CBN via isomerization how is conversion of THC into a legal cannabinoid considered a crime?