So much rain will we ever get planted?

I need some advice everyone. We planted a test plot of approx. 1,000 hemp seeds and was about 15 days late on that due to licensing and now that we are finally ready to put them in the ground we are looking at rain for the next week and half. I am concerned that they are going to be so far behind. We are using raised beds with plasticulture. What can I do in the meantime to give them the best chance. They are currently in a greenhouse still in the planting trays. Any advice is appreciated in advance.

What size are the tray s for each plant
What amount are you preparing
I would look into food supplements like tryptophan

Maybe use 4x4 cubes until u can get them outside, idk if that’s feasible with the amount of plants and space u have, but even a cheap tiered setup would get enough light, maybe only 20" wide “shelfs” with 10" gaps in between for light to hit the bottom shelfs


The trick is to use this time in your favor with supplements
Even the cheap ones can make a difference

Light (supplemental if need be), spacing (so they can fill out and not stretch), lots of air movement (helps with strengthening, especially when the plants are well enough spaced), and food (nitrogen heavy supplements help with veg growth and calmag is always helpful; these can always also be readily and easily accessed - naturally sourced and organic are my personal preference).


What size containers are they currently in? Are they 1020 trays?

How big are the plants?

Thanks everyone for the advice. It is along what I was thinking I would need to do. They are currently still in seed trays and the largest of the lot are pushing 6" now so root growth is a major concern. I will need to figure out transferring them into something with more room since it seriously isn’t going to dry up around here for probably a couple of weeks.

How many ?
Transfer to biodegradable pots if it’s max 10 days cardboard like you drop them in pot and all

Just over a thousand and thanks for the idea. I am going to asses the situation in the morning.