So-low -86 deep freezers

I have 2 So-Low -86 upright deep freezers for sale. Both in good condition approximately 12 months use. One holds 12 5 gallon buckets the other holds 18. I believe they are 18 and 22 cu ft. 50% off of price paid. CO pickup only in Alamosa.


how much do those go for?

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I paid 9k and 13k so would sell for 4500,6500

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Still available?

Still available?

I have 2 for sale as well $2500 and $1800.

yes still available. purchase prices are $9,215 and $12,040 for 22 and 28cu ft models. Asking 50% purchase price.

Still available? Contact info?

Yes feel free to call my Cell 847-951-8972

Where about are these freezers located