So are y’all still doing D8? I still see it on smoke shop shelves

So it seems like a lot of guys are still doing it, open advertising has just slowed down a lot and sales have moved to much more private channels.

What are you guys seeing?

Haven’t heard of any crackdowns or any letters being sent out.

I even saw a lab put up a write up on @Theblacklistxyz and signed off their name and lab saying that they are selling D8, it’s still legal, and the DEA can suck it basically lol. No repercussions as far as I’ve seen.

Thoughts? Opinions? Torches and pitchforks?


Compliant d8 doesn’t exist. They’re selling d9 and could face the consequences as such imo.

Diluted d8/CBN/CBG/cbd blended products? That’s another story.


That just means it isn’t selling.

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Price is what 1000-2500max now? Depending on quantity. If you’re getting 3-4… you’re selling a piece of paper.


Formulated products that test compliant are selling like hot cakes. Only people scared are Steve’s and Chads


I don’t think the whales are scared. They probably doubled down on the fear and price drop.

It doesn’t do it for me so I’m off the hype train.

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Those sound like some famous last words.

Dont drop the soap.


Nobody gets raped in jail bro


You sound a lot like a man that doesn’t know the difference between county/city jail and state prison and the feds.

FYI there is booty banditry occurring at all 3 types of facilities.


Ok if you say so😎

I think everyone should spend some time in jail. It might teach some of these clowns how to act


I’m more so referring to manufacturers selling liters not products

True. Doesn’t need to be complaint tho. Just needs to be low enough D9 that it can’t be diluted to complaint. Same way people are using hot disti cbd to make tinctures and shit

Tons of people still selling liters…

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Oh for sure. Everywhere. I’m just asking people’s opinion here. You don’t see ANY advertising on future anymore for D8 liters.


You do still see people hopping into existing threads and asking if it’s still for sale. (And the answer still seems to be, yes.)


It’s less common… for certain now. Everyone already has their leads I would think by now anyways.

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I see what you did there. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It’s still for sale but everything we’ve seen so far is hot, but portrayed as compliant.
We’re testing samples from various labs for compliance with KCA labs @kcalabs who can reliably demonstrate that the claimed D8 curve is usually overlapping D8/D9 peaks

So far it’s been a headache and takes me back to the days when nobody in the market seemed to understand what total THC meant for hemp (ie: all the flower was hot).


Problem also is every single lab in the country is wrong every other sample we send to them. Or whoever is right we have no way to know because not a single other lab can verify rhe other labs results. See my testing lab rant. It’s a joke