Smokeable Hemp Clearance Sale - $30/lb Trimmed Suver Haze

We’re clearing out inventory of our Suver Haze to get ready for our 2020 season. A classic cultivar from Oregon CBD. Known for being a high testing strain with a sour fruity delicious nose and taste.

This is all slow dried, cured, machine trimmed flower; grown organically (DEM Pure for those who know - we make our own KNF fertilizers and teas) in southern Oregon. All hand harvested, hang dried. Loud nose. Lightly seeded but quality is still on point. Trimmed by Twister T2 and screened of small buds.

9000 lbs available. 1000 lb MOQ. $30/lb. FOB Ashland, Oregon. Please DM me for more info. You’re welcome to set up an appointment to come view the product here in person.


Will you do singles for $90? I know you have an moq but the worst that can happen is you tell me to fuck myself


Please get ahold of us. We would like to talk to you more about your flower. 5416594465

My wife always says you get 50% more for asking.

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Do you have a COA we can see?

For everyone asking if they can purchase smaller amounts: once we’ve had some of the larger buyers taken care of, we’ll open up what remains for smaller purchases. Thanks everyone.

Here’s a screenshot of the CoA:


Awesome. Let us know if any smaller amounts become available. 5, 10 lbs etc

Wowzers that was a good pheno u took a sample from.

I’m interested in your flower 9176856220

How much material is left? Might make a trip with box truck from Portland. LMK

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