Smokeable Fire Sale - Seedless Bucked Super Lemon Haze

Anyone who has a trimming facility or a need for high volumes of smokeable flower, this is a great opportunity to acquire some high quality flower at a low cost.

Currently have 18,000 lbs of bucked Super Lemon Haze that needs to go. The material is SEEDLESS, has been properly stored, great color, and good nose. Lots of large buds and makes for easy trimming.

We are accepting offers now, however base price we are looking for on the lot is $50/lb. Mainly interested in speaking to folks who want to take all of it, although we will talk to anyone who wants a large chunk. We can have a partner facility of ours do the trimming as well if desired. However the bucked material would have to be purchased first.


Hello, Iā€™m very interested. How many super sacks minimum?

I sent you a DM.

Sent you a DM as well.