Small old distillation kit needed learning purposes

Just like it says I’m looking for somebody’s closet set that they learned on, I want to learn but shelling out the amounts wanted for new lil crazy, hell I even take Chinese brands,I can cover shipping and some extra for saying thanks set agreement, anyways pm me, youd be sending to great home expanding my ever so learning experience. Only want to learn for personal use and personal knowledge, thanks guys and gals

Hey I got a a 2L spd kit. Lmk if you if you are still interested.

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How much, for the right price possibly, but was really looking for shotty system just to learn on and cure some curiosity… If yours is any nice still might not be what I’m looking for…

Hey only bc personal and will never produce more than something for personal… I’m sure any short path still working gonna cost lil much for me

Hell I’m still looking for someone trying to upgrade their recovery tank, I got one too big for me, wanna small one straight up trade it you know anyone… It’s perfect condition built by me and soxhlet here… his great guidance with my ability to follow sop… Have great day bro, thanks for taking the time!

Dm me a price if OP isn’t interested! I’m from New Zealand so you’d have to be open to shipping here! Thank you!

Hey buddy it’s all you

I thank so much for actually putting me first like that but no worries man, I’m topped out after upgrading to CLS not long ago!

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How is the current regulatory climate in Godzone?

I’ve been on walkabout for 35 years and wouldn’t mind bringing home my Oregrown skill set when the time is right


We currently have a full setup with 2L SPD set, 2L rotovap, Buchner funnel, 1lb CL Extractor, 2 stage Vacuum pump, 10x10 Grow tent, Plus all the little bits like beakers, stirring hot plate, scales, filtering aid, ect.

DM me your email if anyone is interested in full turn key packages for beginners. We ship to any location


Is the grow tent the lab?


Most people who buy our kits tend to pick up a grow tent with their order so we just throw in a 10x10 tent with the kit now. It can be used for SPD with the included ventilation if you want a clean room with no smell but not recommended for the actual extraction as the Butane could build up if there are leaks and you would not know until its too late. Always extract in a safe, well ventilated area.

A friend reached out and bought my 2L distillation head. All I have now is a 3 way cow receiver and three 250ml receiving flask. Unfortunately I still need the cold trap. If any of you are interested the cow and flasks, DM me.

What’s the capacity of the recovery tank? All stainless steel? Can you send me pictures?

Do you have a mantel for sale?

The m.sieeve staying

I’ve currently have it loaded, this weekend I’ll empty and check
My guess is 10g water would fit…
2ft tall by 1ft wide…

I’m just looking for something small…I finally got square ten gallon cooler, it does fit perfect in it but I never use more than 3lbs Tane, and that’s Max, 1.5 for my small runs…

A collection tank style with 3 ports would suffice…I just need to be able to put T fitting for pressure relief valve and gauge… intake and exit…6*12 or honestly a small pressure vessel would do what I need… Just trying to get something easier for my small runs…

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All ss by APC … @Soxhlet would probably back me up, he’s knows how anal I am about being right, so he helped guiding me on every step. I clean properly, pressure tested to 100psi for one day then soap water tested… No leaks all good, I’ve ran couple times without any issues other than I would prefer something that would be easier about handling and just more size appropriate…

I understand I could get more, or even cash with small tank
But ppl here HAVE HELPED me so much, I’m not in the position to give anything for free but would trade straight up just to get my perfect set up…

Thanks for listening and the interest!

Have great day buddy!

Here’s her in action

Btw I get close to what I paid I’ll be happy, my buddy has a tank I can get already I just gotta sell this one at some point to make everything lil tighter effcient… If my biggest column was bigger than 2*24 I could understand I need this tank… But that’s as big as I go

$200 plus shipping$25


Looks cold! :snowflake:

I cannot message you, but I am interested in this!