Small Freeze Dryer -

Item Model/Manufacturer: Xiros Mikro / Holland Green Science
Description: UL Certified, 9 shelves, 8 kg ice condenser capacity, min shelf temp -45 C, USB connectivity.
Price/MSRP: $5,388
Current location of item: Will be stocked at our Chicago warehouse
Estimated lead time: Next units available in September
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: In-house service and support, Commercial Grade 2 year Warranty

Hey gang! We are are finally releasing our small freeze dryer, (we also produce a really large one designed for flower), the Xiros Mikro. Coming from the cannabis industry, we know there aren’t a ton of options out there when it comes to smaller, reliable freeze dryers. We also understand there isn’t a ton of support for the cannabis community when comes to service, so we are officially filling that gap! The Xiros Mikro has been purpose built for those making hash and rosin and our next drop (currently building 17 units) is in September. After that, we will be scaling to be able to produce more. Currently, we are accepting 25% deposits to put you in queue.

We also have a full range of rotos, ovens, freezers, etc. all in stock in our Chicago warehouse, no lead times at the moment (except on the Freeze Dryers). Check out our other offerings: Products - Holland Green Science US

*unit pictured is the EU version with less shelves. US version has 9 shelves


Hey @Cloudz I would be interested to learn more. Has it been tested with hash? I notice on the website it says over 5000 units of Xiros Freeze dryers have been sold, do you have any testimonials to confirm this?


Hey there! we have sold thousands of the larger (about the size of a car) Xiros units globally, for many different applications, including cannabis flower. The Xiros Mikro is our small unit, more the size of a traditional home FD unit, but purpose built for hash. It hasn’t yet hit the market, so unfortunately I can’t give you anything in the way of a testimonial. We are finalizing testing and parameters as we speak.

Machine testing is currently 20 full test cycles following an extensive testing protocol. We take a month to fully test for performance and endurance. So, we test each machine for 1 month prior to shipment which guarantees quality.

Primary shipment will drop in September, with demo units arriving sometime next month. Reach out if you’d like to schedule a chat or want more info-


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I’d love to get some pricing on all sizes.

Hello! Currently we have two sizes, the Xiros 2 (very large Freeze Dryer) is $92k and our smaller freeze dryer (a little bigger than a Harvest Right) is about $5,588. The price just went up on the smaller unit as we have changed (improved) the vacuum valve configuration to give the user more control.

Here is my email if you’d like to move the conversation?


UPDATE Next shipment of the Xiros Mikro freeze dryers is landing in November. MSRP is set at $5,888. About half of our next shipment is accounted for. Let me know if you would like more information or details. :raised_hands: