Small filter reactor recommendations

Hi friends,

I’m looking for any recommendations for a jacketed glass filter reactor in 2L or 5L size. Preferably from someone who has experience on one and can attest that it doesn’t leak and, either comes with a decent high torque motor, or is compatible with a good quality motor such as Heidolph.

Chemglass makes some, but they are not jacketed, and the Asahi ones are very nice, but the price is sort of outrageous. I’m willing to buy direct from China but I would prefer a referral, or if a Chinese manufacturer wants to work with me where I can test and help improve their design, that works too.

I’d be glad to help. To start what kind of vacuum are you looking to achieve? How about your torque?

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Vacuum doesn’t have to be super deep, most of the drying of the filter cake can just be achieved with suction. In terms of torque, it’s probably not as crazy as trying to break through crystalline CBD, just something strong enough to push around a soggy filter cake.

Ok that’s something we can do. We usually sell more of the larger reactors so the 2L and 5L’s aren’t something we normally hold in stock. We do have the parts though so we can build it pretty quickly. We can customize it however you want also so if there’s some features you know you’ll want then create a list so I can get a quote started for you.

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@david makes them, and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with his glassware.

We have a 1L non-filter reactor, and are also considering getting a small filter reactor to go with it.

It’s all appropriately heavy-duty and very well packed for shipping. We’ve probably picked up over $10k in glass from him thus far, and I don’t see any reason to get glassware from anyone else, other than perhaps for “oh fuck I need it NOW” type stuff. But even then his shipping is vast.