Small disposable start up help

I’ve been looking through the forums for a few days now and was wondering if I’m on the right track:

1st: For a 1K disposable piece start up (1 liter-ish)
I’ll need a cart farmer. I’ve seen the simple handheld one, and the nicer looking one for a little more (Heating pad & reservoir). For this scale which one do you recommend ? Plans on upscaling in future.

2nd: CDTs - trying to find a reliable source of lab tested CDTs, once I do this I would mix a ratio of 5% into my liter (if disposable hardware allows) while on hot plate. Correct?

3rd: Opinions on 1ML-2ML POSTLESS (Metal free? Ceramics?) disposables with the above mentioned ratio will be awesome if anyone has. Worried about clogging or leaking issues.



Still looking for disposables & terps :pray:t3:

Hello @ToBeDetermined I will recommend you our DS10 Disposable according to your demands.

Main Features:
Cotton Free Ceramic Innovation
No Central Post
Metal Free
Type-C charging port
Easy filling and capping design

Samples are available for your testing.

More details pls check:

Or DM at, Whatsapp: +86-18028750531

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Just ask these companies and literally all of them will send samples. Usually you just pay shipping, but here is the trick: hire freight forwarder and address all of your samples to them. Pay them to pack them all up and ship them over.


you are genius man, this would save a lot of money and time when gathering samples for test.


How fast do you need to process the litre? What throughout do you intend to scale up to? I would recommend 10 mL glass syringes and stainless luer locks, you’re in $30 and can process the litre in one long day. Other than that just need a few ball jars and a hot plate with a mag stir bar

CDT is gonna set you back i recommend I have seen willbilly advertise at $10/mL but was unable to get him to contact me back. Can’t recommend cali terpenes. Not a lot of other options.

I like the 1.0 mL listo and sima devices from CCELL but they could be better for the price point (4.85). Virtually 0% defective rate. AVEO urth looks promising. Postless doesn’t matter

2mL is great for you since you’re moving twice the product for just one piece of hardware but it does price out some percent of your clientele who would only ever spring for the 1ml.


Definitely go for postless if possible. Taste is better throughout the whole thing.


Hey there, don’t know if you still need, but I happen to have exactly what you’re looking for. 1mL postless disposable, no wick, ceramic coil, also comes with type-c charging port. Please message me back if you wish to know more.


Hey TBD, we keep great disposables on deck here in the US. We also have ones that work well with rosin, send us a DM!

If you’re looking for a metal free disposable
Then our Cera will be your best choice ,ceramic center post to intact the excellent flavor.
DM via whatsapp if you’re interested.