Small closed loop dissolve clog 1/4 Hose?

Just a simple question i have a small 90g closed loop for personal runs, i wanted to know if i could place my shatter in the recovery tank then drop tane in the recovery tank let it dissolve then do a normal run with that tane/wax slury.

Will 60-80grams shatter/tane combo clog a 1/4" hose?

any other ideas how i can dissolve my old slabs on my small machine? i run passive no n2

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And Why cant you just load it into the column and blast it?
It shouldnt clog


I didn’t think i could, i thought it needed time to sit. do i just drop it in like material or do i smear it on the inside of the material tube and let it sit for awhile?

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you could, I believe @StoneD did this once when re-running material through filters. From what I remember it was difficult to get everything to fully re-dissolve. You’ll probably need some heat too to help it melt in. The more solvent the better too to prevent clogging. It has been done before. Are you trying to re-run it through a CRC column?

I’ve seen most people just put it in the material column and flood that and let it soak long enough to dissolve everything. You may need heat to help it all melt in, and enough solvent to do so. At least with the material column method, if you don’t get it all the first time you can just run it again. It’s more difficult going from the recovery tank because you can’t see in there or disassemble it as easy in most cases.


you’ll need to use ‘warm’ butane and time to dissolve it.
i would not try to put it through a 1/4 line unless you’re sure it is fully dissolved.

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Ok i will just drop it in my material column and let it soak for a awhile, seems like the way to go about it.

thanks guys. i will run warm and give it a try

Ive done this many times it sucks it wont dissolve efficiently for crc in the column you have to dissolve in a tank first


Do it in your recovery tank like you thought but do smaller batches if you think it’s too much at once. How many lbs of gas u fit in your recovery tank?


like a little over 3lbs was my tank recommended

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I would put in material column, run warm solvent , once dissolved , chill , then filter, or move into dewaxer, then on to collection, if you have n2 assist you can push it on over, if not , use temp differential ,
and no, you should not clog of you have properly dissolved?
ok, i just you have no n2, you can use heat and cold to move your solution to its destination

dumb question, why not dissolve in material column?
what is op goals here? @MostFinest

My goal is to disolve my old slabs to clean them up a bit running thru my crc

I am only been running for about 3 months so still learning on the what my max i can do is. Just not sure how i should have disolved. seen other guys say they made chambers for it but my machine might as well go 1lb then to upgrade my 90gram machine anymore. @Unicorn_Theory1

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what is the desired outcome ?

I am not versed in crc, i’m recently into cls as well, but from what I know, I would dissolve in a filter plate placed below a room temp column, if sleeved maybe add warm h2o to sleeve until dissolved, then refer to crc tek and contiue
I’m sure there are much more qualified guys n gals here to share their experience with this

Just winterize with ethanol and run through a buchi. steam distill for recovery if you can not afford a rotovapor

That’s winterized with ethanol. One filter size. 6 month old trim.

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You can dissolve in a column but not the crc column. It’s a pain and it’s better to dissolve before pushing through crc column