Slurry tech


Slurry tech ,is anybody try it ? Cooled Jacketed tanks with overhead mixer ,run slurry to centerfuge or screw press ?!


damn, did you type this while running to catch a train or something?


Almost :wink:


If you want to recieve useful information, I would try to explain your idea a bit better. what solvent? what temperatures? Use the search function to look for information that is already on this site (you will probably find what you are looking for) and then re write your question if you still need help.


Agree ,
Lets start again ,this for ,ethanol
I have 100 gallon jacketed tank ,i am going to order other 50 gallon jscketed tank with overhead stirrer .
So i was thinking instead putting trim in bags and do 15 min circulation, between tanks ,then put bags in centerfuge, for drying ,isnt faster just dump trim in cooled tank with overhead mixer ,agitate for 15 min in -40 c ,then move slurry directly to centerfuge, and dried this way.
I wonder if someone already done this way.
Well i hope this time i explain my self ,still not totally woke up :slight_smile:


whats the purpose of the 15 minute stir time in the second pot? Ideally, doesnt your first extraction (via circulation in bags) remove all of the cannabinoids? I figure that the first extraction in bags does remove the cannabinoids and all you want to do is separate ethanol from plant material by sending the solid/liquid slurry to centrifuge. If youre going to put the mass into a bag and then dump the bag later and stir again, why even use the bags or different tanks to begin with?


Actually i was plan to use it ,without any bags .
Just grind material ,pour it to mixing tank ,with cooled -40 jacket and use overhead mixer for 15 min ,then pour slurry to centerfuge which already have a bag ,and spin it for 10 min .
One thing worries me ,is how to get all slurry out .
I was thinking to make 4 inch hole on the bottom of tank .


Very similar to our Mechanical extraction system.


Yeee very simular … my design look llike a joke compared to yours


Haha, just slightly different scale


I’m experimenting with a setup like this. I have a jacketed 100L mixer tank with a 2" drain on the bottom. I only have a panda spin dryer for centrifuge, so I plumbed a tri-clamp tube from the bottom of the tank so that it shoots the slurry into a filter bag inside the spin dryer. Then I put a valve with air compressor fitting on the tank lid so that I could use positive pressure to eject the slurry.

I only tried a small amount of material so far and it worked pretty good. There was still some plant material in the tank, however. I’m thinking it was not broken up enough, I used a 1/4 mesh screen to sift the plant material. I also think a cone bottom tank might be more effective for draining.

@DeutscheProcess Does your system use pumps to move the slurry into a press?


Yep ,this exactly what i plan to do ,but i want use 4 inch hole on bottom of tank ,hopefully it will help move slurry faster. My tanks are 30 gal


Those Germans, really on another level.


Yes, we use SPX Flow pumps.