Skid steer or 3 point type auger attachment for tilling/mixing 200 gallon pots?

Anyone have any attachment mods or know of anything to use for tilling large quantities of 150-200 gallon pots? Using the little mantis tiller in 200 pots this size is killing me!


most skid steer culivators are going to be to big and are usually as wide as the equipment or wider since most users are looking to do as few passes as possible.

I would suggest an auger attachment with a custom mount for small cultivator attachment for smething like a weed wacker.

take the auger off and attach whatever cultivator on. speeds might be a little trick to dial in as a weed wacker is fast spinning and and auger is usually much slower.

this is probably not the right choice but it gives you an idea of what im suggesting.


Cement mixer(s)


Oh man my back’s killing me just thinking about having to shovel all of the dirt out of the pot mix it in a cement mixer and then dump it back in the pot


you are a super smart dude. you can rig it up with some other things and make it work. the cement mixer dumps into the skid steer into the pots. dump the pots into the skid steer to feed the mixers?


How about a gas powered post hole digger? Something like this:

Then maybe one of these aluminum work platforms to stand on next to the pot:

Probably not much easier on the back than a little mantis tiller, but it could maybe help.

Honestly I’m thinking the skid steer mount adapter that holds the mantis tiller lol just sit back on the tractor and not have to man handle the mantis carefully in the pots


I mean if you really wanna use the mantis tiller build a bracket for it to mount on your skid steer and just start the tiller up and get in the bobcat and till that shit up.

Fuck osha


Not that I want to but it might be the laziest method of tilling 100 of these pots lol

Something like one of these

Attached to one of these

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Wow 100 200 gallon pots! Did you buy land?

Hey, I could use a light meter!?

We cleared about an acre here on our 3 acre spot for greenhouses going up!

i got a light meter for you! Been real tied up but i can bring it to you this weekend.