Sintered Filter /CRC IRC system.

We are Cema Instrument provide the Sintered Filter 1.5"-2"-3"-4"-6"-12"
1um-5um-10um-15um-20um-25um custom.


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And how would someone go about purchasing one of the 1.5" 1um filters?

I’m very interested and would order one asap if the price isn’t excessive.

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x2, I’m interested in a 1.5" 1um and 5um filters

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Contact @Killa12345 to purchase these here in the US.


Did @Killa12345 get his sintered filters finished? I thought he was having trouble with the added pressure bending the filter. And decided not to release them yet

You are wrong,he ordered our sintered filter and We are busy to production for him.

Max 300psi for Sintered Filter,It fine to fit your BHO CRC system.

If need Propane need 600psi Sintered Filter we are busy under design now.



he posted not too long ago about the second batch being better and he’s going to start stocking them shortly. I’m glad that enough people we’re bugging him about it for him to pull the trigger on it :rofl:


Yes. I have a second batch coming in from cema pressure rated to
300 psi


So glad to be wrong on that one! Definitely going to be ordering when they’re ready. Thanks @Killa12345


Cool looking design bro…Having a hard time being original?
looks like you have ripped off the design of our filter plate.


They most definitely have. Thus is the nature of an open market. Offer your products at competitive prices or be overtaken by those who are.
I’m not saying you have to compete with Chinese pricing because that will never happen. What I am saying is that you must offer your products at a reasonable enough price where paying the extra bit for the OG American made stuff is worth it. At present I do not see buying a crc from indofab as worth it.

You have a great product @Soxhlet but when you aren’t offering competitive pricing, even against other American manufacturers, I have little sympathy.


Agreed. I’d love an indofab one but my budget doesn’t allow it as I just extract for my own use. Additionally CEMA is offering it in 1.5" which a lot of us who run <1lb are using, vs the larger diameter ones


Indofabs filter alone cost less then other american made filters

Even running 1# i use a 3"

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I run 1/4lb and use 1.5, as many others do

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There’s absolutely a market for smaller crc’s, and someone was going to step in and offer them regardless.

If I want a crc, cema is the only option, so I’ll buy from them or their supplier.

Thanks man! I’m going to wait till he posts he has the 1.5’s in, then I’ll pester him. I’m sure he gets sick of all the attention!

Can’t wait for @Killa12345 to drop these

I will. Let’s just get threw part of this first order then I’ll get 1.5” and other sizes and meshes