Single cow adapter for 2L short path

I’m sick of waiting for my WFE wiper to be finished so I’m getting a head and run some distillations via short path-

Looking at cow adapters- this looks interesting because I can close the system and swap with flasks I have on hand without ever leaking into system

Seems worth it?
Lmk what you guys think

yes absolutely!!! it makes swapping for fractions so much easier, and cleaner. Plus you wont have to worry as much about cooking the crap outa your crude when you break vacuum.

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Awesome- I’m going to get the these from BVV cause I have a wholesale account and I’m not planning on sticking with short path of this size for long- I know they’re not like Gucci by any means but looks acceptable- I’m just real bored sitting here staring at all this crude

I’m pretty sure the head is the same one that usalab has but with diff branding.

The mantle looks great for the price- ZNCL T2000 same as what summit hawks for way more $$$

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looks good, i have 2 zncl t5000’s (the 5L versions of those) and they are great units, they have literally ran close to 8 months straight now, not a single problem with them, the digital RPM feedback is a nice touch too.

I have a 2L SPD as well, i use it for exploratory distillations but thats about it, if i were you and your budget allows, id go for a 5L, itll last you longer as you scale up.

all in all, you cant go wrong with a setup like that imo,

Like I said, my primary output of distillate will be via wiped film and I have a 4in nearly complete so I’m not worried about scale up- I need something small to play with and experiment with that i can also use to teach principals and train new hires without worrying about having someone break a nice expensive unit- I also have a bunch of nice 2L dual neck flasks already so the investment is pretty low already


Id go for it than, you cant go wrong with it. Plus in our industry a run or two will pay for the unit haha

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I have two extra of those I accidentally ordered not realizing they already came with my new 20l spd.

It’s yours for what I paid ($150) pm if your interested.

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Where are you buying from? That’s a good price

I got them from lanphan along with my new 20l spd.

Most things on usalab are just lanphan with price doubled but hey can’t knock their hustle, there’s definitely value to having it state side with a little faster shipping.


I’ve had better luck with the PTFE thermometer adapters than glass ones from BVV, I know some people don’t like the PTFE by their boiling flask but I’ve gotten better vacuum levels using them on my smaller 2l spd.

For that matter I have two brand new 14/20 PTFE thermometer adapters I got from usalabs thinking I needed them for my two heads on my new 20l spd but turned out the heads are 24/40 instead. Those are available too if your interested in one for your head but you would still need another 24/40 one for the boiling flask if you want to go that route.

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I’ll take the one for the head too

This works right?

Cool if you want to send $35 extra that’s what I paid from usalabs:

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Yep that looks like the same design

I’ll probably just grab the chemglass ones off of amazon cause they’re the same price and chemglass

Ya chemglass will probably work better than the generic BVV ones that I had some issues with

What do you think about the head I’m getting? Seems like a dece price for a cheap head- jw if there’s something that would perform way better for a little more

I think for your purposes that head will be fine, I recommend wrapping the joint going into the boiling flask candy cane style with PTFE tape as I know my Chinese head for my smaller 2l
that looks indentical had some leaks there and it helped dramatically. I’m not aware of any other head designs you can get that cheap and for smaller systems unfortunately.