Sidco needs a job - IT Systems Administrator, DevOps and all things security

Currently between gigs. If anyone is looking for an IT guy I am available for work!
I can cover pretty much anything from IT Director to Helpdesk, building out new systems and maintaining old ones to make your life more efficient, with a proven ability to communicate with high profile clients and upper management in an effective and professional manner. I am looking for a remote/WFH full time gig but contract is fine too. I am hoping to work with a small-medium sized business who is actively working on bringing infrastructure in house.
Resume available on request.

IT Management
• Deploy, inventory and manage office computing infrastructure (scanners, printers, office & mobile phones, network equipment, MS Office, anti-virus using modern tools like Ansible)
• Central Management Systems, ERPs and CRMs
• *nix, Windows, and Mobile (Android, iOS, Blackberry) End User Support and Enterprise Policy Management
• Maintain Web apps, services, online store hosting.
• Actively learning PowerShell, BASH and Python scripting.
• Network management in a Windows and Linux domain environment
• Advanced management and deployment of firewalls and proxies. Port and traffic control (Sonicwall & pfSense)
• Off-site data backup and encrypted data management
• Virtualization, including VMWare ESXi, Docker, QEMU, Proxmox and other hypervisors
• Microsoft IIS and GNU/Linux Server (DHCP, DNS, HTTP(S), SFTP, SSH, SSL, SQL, Apache, NAS/SAN)
• Google-Fu: The ability to use a search engine with zen like prowess

IT Security
• Deploy and manage advanced multi-site analog and IP camera systems with Central management
• Intrusion control and physical access systems
• Network IDS, Penetration Testing and Computer Security (Snort, Kismit, greenbone/OpenVAS)
• Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs)

Customer Service and Sales
• Extensive trade show experience with proven results in customer acquisition and closed deals.
• Fast and effective problem solving with deference to the needs and concerns of PEOPLE


I can also help start forums :wink:



But can you fix the printer …


Can confirm.


So true lmao

Contact me if interested in working in the adult industry. I work for one of the biggest webcam streaming sites in the world.

And this goes out to any other software engineer or it professional here. If you are good DM me.

21+ only. Remote work. Best team in the world and we will pay you more money than any weed company. I hire people.

We have in house infrastructure and we are actually our own ISP.

Edit: You can apply through the Jazz links provided on job desc as my profile has dms blocked due to all the assholes here…


This is great! :+1:


Throw me an E-Mail! I have some side-gig type stuff that needs doing. Don’t really have a FT position available for remote, but our internal stuff could use some work.


Could most likely use you for contract work.


Close bounties on hacker one or another program :wink:

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Any SANS certs from your previous pentesting life?

We had GSEC and GCIH and a custom GPEN section (but no cert). Those certs were legit, Eric Conrad was our instructor they sent to Hurby AFB and was one of the most capable instructors I’ve ever had.

You can take a Pass4Sure to cheat on the CompTIA tests, but with 340-380 questions in the bank, that would be a lot of rote memorization…that is to say that if you have a SANS cert from the organization, you likely had to earn it with study hours and practicing on the (cyber) range.

Snort and Kismet don’t usually belong in the same sentence but you made it group together on your post nicely!

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I’m all team Blue. Any red work is done through automated scanning using the latest feeds.
Even though I picked up Kismit wardriving I have come to really enjoy the system for its WID ability and use with SDRs


I’d hire you.

Edit: I got in trouble at Goodfellow for wardriving on base and uploading all the tech school dorm routers’ geo coords to using netstumbler. Those forums taught me to use the search function: got my first warning from Amish_stumbler (sp?) who was an admin.


San Angelo?

My original contract was with goodfellow

No wonder you hacked your way out …

Thats where I’m from…


You are spot on.