Show off your cbda extracts

Not trying to sell anything , just wanted to start a thread for sexy cbda extracts. Let’s see what you got.

Here’s some pictures and videos of some stuff we’ve made all with hand-selected outdoor hemp.

I think imgur removed my post and the files were too big to post here, I’ll add again later I’m traveling right now

New link ; Cbda - PharmEx - Album on Imgur


Nice collage!

More Pictures


Anyone else? Just me over here?


You and Ashville seem to be the only ones I spy here

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@AshevilleExtracts sent me some fire wasn’t what the market wanted but I sure have come to appreciate the product he makes. Definitely give him his respect.

And that looks fire by the way.


I need to buy some fresh biomass. Preferably fresh frozen anyone got cbd fresh frozen or untrimmed nug ill buy it on day 2 of hang drying bucked into a turkey bag

Fire only I’m not cheap but I don’t want a lot

How many lbs you need ? Tis the season

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Saw that on your insta

Beautiful man. I rarely see people posting CBDA on Instagram at least who I follow. Looks fucking beautiful.

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We were making CBDa diamonds back in 2019. Think we were the first to mass produce actual diamonds. Check us out - @Illuminated_extractors.


Yeah been following you or someone on your team on LinkedIn for a few years and y’all have definitely been on it for a while. Keep up the innovation, I’m excited to see your booth at mjbiz!

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I was wondering when you’d come by the thread , looks like some tasty stuff!

Just walking the floor this year but we will be around. We should link up!

Have 5 new products we are going to release - one for each day of the expo. Been plugging away developing new tech for the upcoming year!


Cool, let’s link up for sure. You should join the WhatsApp group for the trip if you haven’t yet.

I know VFSLabs has 99% cbda from a water tek method it’s cool to see these extractions growing

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The bulk they are selling is actually like 97%. It has a slight yellow color. It seems like they should re-x after the A/b to advertise that. The price is good though and overall it’s 97% with minimal THCA


I’ve seen a 99% coa recently. 2200Kilo
Definitely can be easily refined and ready for reaction

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Don’t mean to derail the thread but wanted to say how much potential there is in these raw extracts.
It’s weird how underdeveloped CBDA is - probably one of the best cannabinoids medically. Same goes for all the acids.
GW and Mechoulum are all focussing on it.

Probably no mystery - natural acid cannabinoids are easy to produce and are the natural form in the plant - impossible to get IP protection on to justify investment in trials. Thus the interest in “stabilising” CBDA among various groups by glycosylating etc (basically attaching some IP via a sugar group).


I’m saying I got their product and tested it on my hplc. I also have their 99% COA but that it doesn’t represent the product they shipped. It’s a good product for an a/b extraction, it just should be recrystallized to market it with those COAs. 2200 is an excellent price, but don’t expect pure white actuall 99% product