SHOUT OUT to my 2 favorite Chinese equipment and glass suppliers. They rock much love

Not all China suppliers are equal we know this. Just wanted to shout out 2 suppliers I’ve been using for years that have always done amazing work and had amazing customer support.

The first is @TouchScience Ben is the freaking man! I’ve ran his chillers/heaters/reactors/rotos HARDDD for many years in many many labs. They run long they get here fast they are cheaper than any domestic and they are quality! And when they break after being beaten on he works with me to send replacement parts (this is a big part of a lot of the China suppliers once you get your shit they disappear and it breaks immediately) he covered equipment under warranty and helped source replacement parts when they were out of warranty. Stand up dude and works really hard in this space. He just recently helped me put together an order for a lab I’m building out and would answer my questions every day super fast and responsive.

Look up his instagram he’s his future name on IG and

The other supplier is @david he is THE MAN for all things glass and glass adapter needs. bellows/kf25 to glass connection/clamps/o-rings/cold traps/short path table lattices and of course his focus CUSTOM GLASS.

I’ve built so many different custom short path setups with David over the years. I’d just send him a drawing and he’d turn it into reality in no time flat. He would somehow get me stuff when I was in a bind in like a week flat from China. The dudes a magician and he’s cheap as hell and has amazing customer service as well. If you can dream it he can blow it. Lol

I feel like China companies get a bad wrap and I think good work and good people should be knowledged. I’d happily vouch for both of these guys any day. Go give them some business they rock.


Ive never dealt with touchscience, but I can vouch for @david !

Great glass for great prices. Fast shipping, always packed well. It may not be chemglass quality, but its pretty dam close and its SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.


Touch Science’s website is

The hyperlinked website for touchscience in your OP ( leads to some guys software/game app page

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I confirm that @david is a top custom glass source. :ok_hand:t2:


Much appreciated

Just wanted to add my own supplier who I’m really happy with:

Louis at Dongguang Galore. Silicone gummy mold supplier who has been incredibly helpful with any/all support sales questions I have. Very communicative and willing to help, great prices even on custom molds. About half the price of buying molds from the US, but really only good if you’re buying 40+ molds at once to save on shipping.

If you’re trying to launch your own gummy brand, these molds are hard to beat.

Their Alibaba


We’ve been extremely happy with all of @david 's glassware. He works fast, at very reasonable prices, and his quality is excellent.


Thank you very much for your affirmation; it means a lot to me. I will do my best to ensure my clients receive the best products and services. I hope we can do more business together in the future.